Throwback Thursday

 Lauren, Joe, Jessie
circa 2006

One of my all time favorite photos ever.  It's not a great photo; it's about the memory.  My brother, sister, and I were enjoying a beautiful summer day in San Diego Bay with my dad on his boat.  If I remember correctly, the weekend included lots of laughter, a competitive game of RISK, and pretty much bordered on perfect.  Lauren, was that the trip the Coast Guard boarded the boat after spotting us sitting on the bow in our bikinis?  Good times.

Though hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles separate us, we Wades try to get together once a year.  Right now August can't come fast enough!  I'm going to squeeze you all till your eyes pop out!


  1. I love this picture too. That was one of my favorite trips! Lots of laughing. And ya, I think that was the same day maybe we'll get our bikini bodies back!

  2. How special! I don't have siblings, but I know how much I treasure seeing my cousins (which all live a distance too). It sounds like you have some special times planned in August--I think that's wonderful that all of you dedicate a time out of the year to see each other. That's so important!


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