Snapshots of Life Lately: June

Roll out those lazy hazy crazy days of summer.  June has been a wonderfully slow summer month, allowing us to hang out around home soaking in the sun with friends and just being ourselves.  It's been a dream.

Take a peek!

A delicious afternoon snack of warm gooey chocolate chip cookies and milk through a straw.
My roses are blooming!  The sight of them everywhere makes me happy.
What we do on especially warm evenings: run through the sprinklers again and again.  It never gets old.
Levi trying (unsuccessfully) to escape the spray.  It was funny.
Counting his cars.  Jed is obsessed.
Jammin' on the piano.
Hmmm... this reminds me of someone!
I dare you not to laugh at that squished face!
Look at those precious curls!  I refuse to cut them.
A favorite game: ring the doorbell.  We have a lot of fun with this game!
Sometimes I answer the door and tell Jed, "I don't want any" and shut the door.  Other times I amuse him and act surprised.  And then sometimes I sneak around the corner and scare him.  It's a riot!
Sandbox toes
Jed showing off his new bath time trick: getting his hair all wet!

3 Things We've Been Up To:

1. Over the weekend we took the family on a small hike up in the South Hills.  I should have brought my camera.  It was BEAUTIFUL... and hysterical.  Jed stopped every fifteen feet to point.

"A rock!  A rock!"
"Bii poo!" (big horse poop)
"A fower!"  (a flower)

Then he stooped down in the dirt to fill his hat with rocks and placed it back atop his head.  Note to any passersby: my son does not really have a mis-shapen head; I'm just a lame mom and dressed him in pants without any pockets.  Bron and I simply couldn't keep a straight face.  Jed was being too funny!  Three has got to be the best age yet.

2. One morning I woke up craving donuts.  I had to have some in my tummy!  So after dealing with a little morning fiasco here at home (isn't that the way it always goes?) the boys and I hopped into the car.  We picked up our neighbor friends along the way and made the ten minute drive to our town's tiny grocery store.  The kids had fun helping us choose which donuts we wanted to take home with us from the bakery.  We ended up with a baker's dozen and we devoured every last crumb.  Those delicious donuts hit the spot!

3. A few days ago Bron and I conquered seven (7!) miles pushing the double jogging stroller.  I think that's a personal record for me.  Afterwards, I was even able to help Jed pretend to be an airplane as he rode my feet in the air--complete with turbulence bumps, I might add.  It feels great to be in such great running shape!  (With all this running you'd think I'd be as skinny as a bean pole.  Nah.  I like food too much.  Read #2 above.^^ But no matter.)  Half Marathon, I'm going to rock you!     


  1. Your pictures are all so cute. And congrats on 7 miles with a stroller! I do everything I can to go early so I don't have to run with kids. Haha

  2. come onnnn Jessie! I totally need a chocolate chip cookie now!

  3. Love this!! I so wish we were neighbors!

  4. These are my favorite posts. What a joyous life you have!

  5. Your cookie posts make me want to bake!! I smiled when I thought of you and Jed playing together at the door...I used to play "neighbor" with my mom - would "drop by" our house and visit with her. Love Levi's curls!! ~Anna

  6. I love this post!! It's really about the simple pleasures...donuts, hiking, roses, sprinklers, cookies and milk, swings... It's so nice to see you having a wonderful summer. Congrats on your seven mile achievement. I so wish we were neighbors too (per Ali above)...


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