Top 3 Weekend Picks

 #1. Flowers from the yard sweetly picked by Jed just for me.  Melt my mommy heart!

#2. Getting away for a few hours Saturday afternoon to go mountain bike riding with my sweetheart!  I may have had to hike a bike a few times, but I'm proud to say I conquered that mountain.  We love a physical challenge and spending some quiet(er) time together.

#3. Barbecue with friends at our house!  Nothing beats relaxing with food and friends.  We all sat in the shade of the front porch outside to eat and chat.  Levi looked like a little chipmunk with his cheeks full of watermelon.  It made him angry that he couldn't chew!  Funny kid.

Pick #4. Dipping our feet in some cool water on our Sunday afternoon walk


  1. Cute skirt! Aren't weekends the best? I'm a little jealous you guys get to go mountain biking so often. Looks fun!

  2. Perfect moments. So nice you were able to get away with Bron for a ride. I can't wait for KEv to join us in VA and then being able to take advantage of our parents being here and having some dates!


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