An Afternoon in the South Hills

Can I tell you how much I enjoy being the mother of two little boys, especially Jed and Levi's mother?  Not only are they cute, yes, but this age allows for flexibility and spontaneity I'll never experience ever again.  We don't have any obligations to school and sports.  Not yet.  Our days are open and carefree.  And this summer, I am going to love every minute of that freedom.

Yesterday was a warm and gorgeous day.  I was itching to get outside to do something fun.  That's when I spontaneously decided to pack a lunch, retrieve the baby backpack from the attic, and head into the South Hills for the afternoon.

The boys and I wound our way up through the rocky canyon until we came to Ross Falls.  Jed was excited to "climb."  I strapped Levi to my back and we began the easy half mile hike to a small waterfall, stopping along the way to admire bugs and flowers.    

 Jed needed me to hold his hand on the steep parts.  So tender!
 The little falls and Jed running on the trail
 The boys stuck their feet in the cold water
Jed had a rock in his shoe... and dirt on his face

After our short hike, we headed back down the canyon to a shaded picnic area.  Jed chose to sit in the tall grass instead of at the tables.  I think he made a great choice!  We spread out our blanket under the shade of a tall tree and chowed down on lunch.

These brothers pull at my heart strings
My feeble attempt at a self portrait with my boys.  I was there too!
Levi "attacking" Jed.  These boys love to wrestle.
Throwing/Eating rocks

During lunch, Jed pointed and exclaimed that he saw a mommy deer and a baby deer.  I didn't spy them, but the enthusiasm with which Jed told his dad all about them at dinner I think he really did see some deer!

After lunch we wandered down to a rocky "sand" bar alongside a slow moving stream.  The icy cold water felt refreshing on our toes!  The boys threw rocks (Levi got several mouthfuls of the gritty stuff) and inevitably got soaking wet.  Boys will be boys and I don't expect anything less.  It's a good thing I always pack an extra outfit for each of them in my bag.

By then it was time to call it an afternoon.  These memories I'm making with Jed and Levi are so precious to me.  I absolutely love days like these.   


  1. I love love love that you take the time to do things like this with your littles. Time goes way too fast to let precious moments like these slip away.

  2. That looks like so much fun!!

  3. I would have to agree with you! Days like that are soo precious!

  4. Who knew it was so pretty out there. The highway makes the Twin area look like a desert. I am so glad you are teaching these little boys to love nature and to be active. It will stay with them forever. You are going a great job! Thanks for sharing these times.

  5. What a wonderful time!! I remember you took some pictures of the scenery on your walks, and I thought "what a beautiful place." Those falls and the stream are just breathtaking. I love the fact that you're teaching your children to find so much joy in nature. What a gorgeous day of pure, innocent fun and special memories!

  6. Who knew that was close to your house? So gorgeous! What a fun little trip, perfect for little boys. You are a fun mama!

  7. I love chubby little baby hands and feet!! They are simply irresistible! Looks like such a fun little adventure!


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