Girls' Night

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Bron is a fixer.  He enjoys doing what he can--and often bends over backwards--to spruce up our home or make someone feel better.  (I can't tell you how many times he has babied me when I don't deserve it!)  So when he saw how overwhelmed our friend Amy was feeling last week, he spontaneously announced that we were going out for a girls' night on Friday.  What a fun surprise!

Nick and Amy are our friends and neighbors.  Nick was in a motorcycle accident last month when his baby was just nine days old!  He broke both his wrists and an ankle.  Fortunately, those were his only injuries.  He's lucky to be alive.  So Nick is spending his summer at home in a wheelchair while Amy has been dealt the daunting task of caring for her home and family of five by herself.  All the neighbors have been so kind to help with meals, yard work, and laundry, but sometimes a girl just needs a break.  Bron saw that need and offered to babysit while Amy, Dani, and I went out for a fun night on the town!

We began our evening with Lemonades a la mode and dinner at a small local restaurant called the Burnt Lemon.  Then it was off to the bowling alley!  We picked names like Lemon Meringue and Gingersnap to play under.  We played two games and I really stunk it up.  But no matter, it was fun anyway!  With our games played, none of us were quite ready to head back home.  Anyhow, I had a hankering for chocolate!  So we headed on over to Applebee's where we each ordered a dessert to share.  It's embarrassing how fast we scarfed down those desserts!  It was gluttony and it was heavenly.

Thanks ladies for a delightful evening!  Let's do it again soon.

And a HUGE THANKS to Bron who babysat!  Bron is a genuinely good guy.  He's the best of the best and I'm happy to call him mine.   

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