The Strawberry Monsters

The weekend delivered sunshine, and lots of it!  We swam at the lake on Friday and played with our neighbors on their slip 'n slide on Saturday.  Cool water never felt so good.  Then that night Bron and I accompanied two other couples out on a date to celebrate our friends' eighth anniversary.  I could go on and on about how delicious Jaker's food is.  I ate it all: scones, crab stuffed mushrooms, a wedge salad, coconut encrusted prawns, and a white chocolate brownie a la mode for dessert.  Wow.  Whose anniversary is next?  Birthday anyone?  I really really love going out with my husband.  We're also very lucky to have such amazing friends.    

Then Sunday... Can I just be honest and mention that sometimes going to church with two little ones is simply a waste of time and effort?  We were late.  No matter what I do we're always late, and I'm supposed to lead the hymns.  It's stressful.  (Luckily, there are plenty of folks in the ward who happily stand in for me.)  On top of being late, both Bron and I spent the majority of the meeting wrestling kids in the pew or out in the hall (or in Jed's case an empty classroom).  Needless to say, we didn't hear much.  Then Jed was escorted out of nursery during the second hour for throwing an inconsolable temper tantrum over a toy.  That's when we begrudgingly gave up and went home.  It was naps all around.  I hope we don't endure too many of those kinds of Sundays because they're just frustrating. 

But enough about the weekend, let's talk about strawberries!

I have a little strawberry patch I started last year.  It didn't produce much last summer, but this summer my little garden is a strawberry producing machine in overdrive!  The boys and I venture out there every two to three days and harvest an entire bowl full of red berries.  Not kidding. 

In fact, it's impressive that those plump balls of juiciness actually make it into a bowl.  Strawberries are my most favorite food in all the world!  I seem to have passed that love along to my boys.  Every time we're out in the yard, the boys b-line it for the strawberry patch.  Yes, even Levi will bear crawl across the itchy grass and warm rocks to pick at the strawberry plants.  He grabs the berries, green or red, and stuffs them into his mouth stem and all.  It's funny to watch.  Jed is a bit better.  He's learned that the red berries are sweetest and he takes the time to remove the green leafy tops.  Yum!  I love sharing my garden with these two little strawberry monsters.  

These small red berries sure are helping us make some great summer memories!

"Thanks for sharing, bro!"


  1. Yum! We didn't plant any strawberries this year. Maybe next year. Yours look delicious!

  2. Fun! I am very jealous of your hot, play in the sun summer!


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