Snapshots of Life Lately: July

^^What do you do when the temperature hovers around 100 degrees all month?  Buy a $6 pool, of course!  All of Jed's giant sandbox trucks (with earwigs...eww!) went swimming with us too that afternoon.^^
^^"Airplane" rides^^
^^The best night of Levi's little life thus far.  My friend Amy and I went on an evening bike ride and Levi was lucky enough to tag along in the baby seat.  I couldn't resist taking him--that cute face under that little yellow helmet is too much!  We rode along the canal enjoying the views until it grew too dark to safely ride anymore.  While waiting for Bron to rescue us, the clerk at the local gas station offered Levi his very first lollipop.  The kid was in heaven--dripping sugary saliva like a faucet and sticky from forehead to foot!  Plus, he was out past his bedtime with Mama; a very special occasion indeed!  It was a really fun summer night.^^
^^Cracks us up every time.  Jed often comes running with his plastic toy tools in hand ready to help his dad fix things.  "Wait a me!  I get my tools," he says.  It's the cutest thing.^^
^^Just look at that fluffy post bath curly hair and four little teeth.  Oh, that precious little boy makes me so happy!^^
^^Jed enjoys having his entire body traced in chalk.  One day he said, "Draw a caw in my haand, Mom".  So I did.  And I couldn't quit laughing.  The kid has had a car in each hand since he could grasp; it's only fitting that a drawing of Jed should have a car in his hand too.^^
^^How we occasionally clean-up after a meal.  Sometimes it's easier just to soak this child.^^
^^And then Jed insists on joining the "fun" too.^^

It's a good life we got here.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.
(Except for the week Bron and I both had the flu and the time my eyeball swallowed a bug.  Yuck!  That happened this month too.)


  1. Always love your pictures - they make me smile! You know how to capture the everyday moments that are so special. And I remember Jed in that little yellow helmet and our bike trip to Point Au Roche...seems like just yesterday!
    :-) Anna

  2. okay that picture of levi in the sink is the cutest thing ever! such cute boys you have!

  3. Hope you are feeling better! And that $6 pool has served us so well!


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