My New Ride

My New Bike!!!  I am pretty much in love/obsessed.

Two weeks ago Bron took me shopping… for a new bike! It’s my anniversary/mother’s day present. I am thrilled! I’ve ridden it every chance I’ve gotten (read: when it’s not raining). The bike rides like it was made just for me. It’s my aluminum-made baby. We also bought a seat that mounts on and off the back of the bike in seconds so I can take Jed along with me wherever I want to go: to the park, to the barn, or for a long ride along back country roads.  Much to my delight Jed LOVES it too! Jed’s eyes light up when I buckle his “hat” under his chin because he knows he is going on an outdoor adventure. The first time we rode on a bumpy dirt trail Jed laughed his head off! I love hearing him behind me. I hope we can make tons of happy memories biking together as family!

Jed likes to ride fast!
Just look at that funny toothy grin!

It's still pretty cool outside, so we put Jed in his rhino suit when we go out.
Our little rhino stalking prey in the grass.

When I said that it has rained a lot here, I don’t think I was descriptive enough. We have had more rain this spring than at any time in recorded history. It’s been miserably ridiculous. Unfortunately, the rain has caused some serious effects: Lake Champlain is at its highest level; it’s flooding. Many homes and roads along the lake are under water.

Well, it rained all last week but the weekend turned out to be beautiful! So last Saturday we got together with a few friends for an afternoon ride along the lake shore to enjoy the weather and to check out the flooding. We rode all the way down to the beach at Point au Roche! The round trip took us about four hours—we stopped a lot. It’s a good thing Anna brought a big bag of goldfish to help sustain us!  (Anna was also smart enough to bring her camera.)

Way cool, right?

A really big "puddle"

Just one of many homes we saw overtaken by water

A family snapshot!

Stopping to check on my co-pilot.  Look at the road!

The beach at Point au Roche.  Wait... what beach?  Crazy! 

Our bike riding "gang" on Lake Champlain (minus Anna)

I arrived home sore and exhausted. However, the ride was sooo much fun! Thanks for inviting us along, Jordi. We had a fabulous afternoon!


  1. Thats sad that people are getting flooded out. Looks like you guys had a fun bike ride though!

  2. Cool! That looks like so much fun! Jed looks like he is having the time of his life! So sad about the flooding though.

  3. That looks like SO much fun! I think I might have to give bikes another try. I love Jed's toothy grin! He is such a doll! I miss you SO much I wish we lived closer!

  4. That sounds like a lot of work and a lot of fun. It's crazy how everything is flooding, but it sure looks cool.


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