Jed Gush

Lots of pictures and a short story just because I am Jed's mom and I have to gush about him.  I can't get enough of this little man!  I think Jed's grandmas and I are the only people that will appreciate this post.  (These pictures are all from the past month or so.)

My new favorite picture of Jed.
He's watching a truck go by.

I am going to miss my crawler. 

Pouty face.  I think he done.

Visiting the calves!  Jed loves it when this little calf licks his toes.  So do I!

This face cracks me up!

It's no longer a politically correct school bus.  It's a livestock trailer!
I like watching Jed play.  It's really funny sometimes!

An episode of Baby Einstein is a great rainy day activity.  (Just one episode though.)
Jed is ready to walk!  Isn't he sooo handsome dressed in his Sunday best?

 A story about Jed:

I’m too lazy to get up and get ready before Jed wakes up in the mornings. So when I babysit Karina and she falls asleep, I hurry and hop in the shower. The house is baby proofed, but Jed prefers to hang out with me in the bathroom while I shower. He pulls the shower curtain aside and peeks his head in. His hair is almost always soaked, but he’s super cute.

Well, one day last week while I took a quick shower, Jed wasn’t performing his normal stunt. I peered out to see him having a riot unraveling the toilet paper roll. I smiled and thought, “No biggie. At least he’s entertained. I’ll just roll it back up when I get out.”

Not a minute later, I saw Jed’s head and a mischievous smile peep around the shower curtain. Suddenly, a wad of toilet paper hit the tub floor. Then Jed’s little hands tossed in some more. And more! Apparently, I needed something to play with while I showered. 

I couldn’t help laughing. It was funny! Jed just thought he was awesome.

I love my messy one year old.

Jed's favorite game before, during, and even after a bath.  Or just anytime at all.


  1. First of all, a big congrats to you and Bron on the new job! When do you think you'll be moving out there? Just my opinion, but I think being 2 hours away from family would be perfect. Not too close and not too far. And yes, Jed is very cute! I love that pic of him in his Sunday clothes!

  2. hahaha troublemaker. If our kids ever played together we would know where to find them wouldnt we?


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