Congrats to Bron

Bron got a job! It’s an offer too good to refuse. We are still reeling from the shock of it all.

Bron flew from Burlington to Boise on Tuesday afternoon. I dropped him off at the airport and turned around to make the hour drive home with Jed in the back seat. When it became apparent that Jed wasn’t going to make it home without a snack I pulled off the freeway to feed him. That’s when I checked my cell phone. I had half a dozen missed calls, new voice messages, and a text or two… all from Bron. Bron was still on the ground. He had gotten through security, but he had forgotten his license! Luckily, he was going to make his flight, but the bigger problem was that he needed to rent a car to get to his interview which was a two hours’ drive east of Boise. My job was to find the license and get it shipped there overnight, faxed, just something!

Long story, short, I am an awesome wife. I found his license and faxed a copy to the car rental company. Then I was an awful wife and didn’t bring my phone to bed with me. Bron arrived in Boise around midnight and still couldn’t rent a car because the numbers on the faxed copy of his license were illegible! And I slept through every ring on my phone because it was downstairs where it belongs. Poor Bron was so upset and frustrated! He managed to get to his hotel anyway. I called him early the next morning feeling absolutely horrible.

Well, I’m happy to announce that Bron did make it to his interview! And I know he looked like a stud too in his new shirt and tie. Despite the stress and the hassle, he was able to pull himself together, be confident, and perform well. Really well! So well, in fact, that the boss of Bron’s new company called him with a job offer the very next day.

Like I said, it’s a job offer we’d regret refusing. Bron’s new job description is exactly what he was hoping to find with his master’s degree. He will be working for a livestock feed company as a nutritionist.  He will be computing diet rations and traveling to various farms from northern Utah to Montana to troubleshoot problems with farmers. He is going to be paid better than he dared dream to start, with benefits like health insurance on top of it. He is going to have a company truck, gas, and cell phone paid for by the company. And best of all, we will live in Idaho! It’s a dream come true!

We are ecstatic! There are a lot of things that make me excited to move back to Idaho, like the sunshine, conservative politics, and being a part of an actual ward at church. But mostly, I am excited to live closer to family. We will live about a two hours’ drive from Bron’s parents in Ririe and from my mom in Meridian. It will be easy to see family for birthdays, holidays, and sometimes just because. We will be able to see old friends again. It’s going to be so much fun!

At the same time though, I’m a little anxious about moving back. I’m afraid that moving so close to family will limit our independence. I’ve really come to love being on our own out here.  I feel like we've changed a lot since we moved away.  Can moving back really be just as good as it once was?

Moving is bittersweet. It makes me sad to think about leaving New York. I feel like I just found my groove here. I have good friends I trust and they trust me. The farm is peaceful and beautiful. Miner Institute is its own micro community of friendly faces I’ve come to know. I have a job and enjoy it. I have a fun routine with Jed that includes bike riding and trips to see the animals. Jed was born here. We’ve also had so many adventures exploring new places and have made so many good memories! I finally feel at home.

But we were never meant to stay here.

As soon as Bron defends his thesis, we will be moving on with our lives. We are still pounding out the details about when and how we will be moving and what we will do once we get there. It’s exciting and scary and thrilling. It’s time to start living our dreams!

We feel so incredibly blessed. And I am tremendously proud of my man, Bron.


  1. congratulations!! Hope the move goes well!

  2. Awesome! I am so happy for you!

  3. I'm so absolutely thrilled! I don't like u far away! And it's amazing that bron is getting his ideal job! That'll be so fun for him. (when he goes to Montana I want to tag along. I've always wanted to go there.) and I know Jed will feel right at home too.

  4. Two hours from Ririe...

    Two hours from Meridian...

    But a mere 45 minutes away from the coolest Stucki people ever!

    Congrats to Bron, and we look forward to being much closer to you sometime in the near future.

  5. Congratulations! That's so exciting! I think 2 hours is a pretty good distance from family. But... I totally know what you mean about being a little nervous to be so close. I feel the same way... Good luck Idaho!


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