Apple Blossoms and Bron's Thesis

Apple Blossoms

I love how spring melts into summer. The whole world erupts with green and every corner is budding with life. The days are warmer and longer. And when the sun stays out later, so do people. Lovers crowd the sidewalks, walking hand in hand. Children run up and down the street on their skateboards and bikes. (Oh, wait. That’s me!) And the ice cream vendors are busy handing out cones to a long line of customers who have come to enjoy a pleasant evening. All just seems right with the world.

This is what Chazy looked like last Saturday. I wanted to gobble it up and swallow it whole; keep it forever. It felt picture perfect.

The orchard was FILLED with these beautiful white blossoms!

On a not so picture perfect note, Bron has been working around the clock. He often works a regular morning down in the barn and then heads to his office to work on his thesis. He studies and writes. And then he comes home and studies and writes some more, until about 2:00AM or later. This has been his routine for two weeks now and he has two more to go if he wants to meet his deadline. Just watching him makes me want to crawl in a hole and die. He is miserable, but he is stubborn and determined. Bron is ready to get his thesis done and earn his Master’s Degree. He is ready to start his new job! I am so grateful that we have our next step figured out—it’s a great weight off all our shoulders. But in the mean time, Bron is concentrating on getting through these next few weeks.

Gorgeous sunflare!

I don’t know how he does it: live on five hours of sleep, work, and write a thesis. Research articles are—hands-down—the most BORING things on the planet to read. They are technical and nitty-gritty. I have no clue how Bron stays awake. I’ve checked Bron’s rough drafts over for correct grammar and sentence structure, and I can’t make it through without my eyelids feeling droopy or getting confused on where to put commas or not! I do now, however, know the difference between DIM (Days in Milk) and DMI (Dry Matter Intake) and what NEFAs (Non-esterified Fatty Acids) are. Whew!

I think this is a gorgeous picture of Anna!

Somehow though, through all this boringness, I am wide awake at night. My circadian rhythm is off; I can’t sleep well without my man in bed next to me. So I stay awake until midnight or even 1:00AM editing pictures and cleaning the kitchen and other random things. Thank goodness Jed takes a solid two hour nap during the day because I nap along with him. I think this entire family will feel much better when this thesis is all over and done.

Jed loves Anna.  Anna loves Jed.


  1. So pretty! Definitely frame worthy photos! Good luck to Bron! The end is in sight now! I'm sure he feels lucky to have you to go through this hard time with. Can't wait to see you!

  2. You forgot to mention lawn mowers! Although those are kind of non existent in my neck of the wood, yard work always makes me excited for summer! And bron is one tough cookie! We're all rooting for him and cheering him on here!!! Best of luck!

  3. Tell Bron to hang in there! It's almost over :)


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