May Flowers

May flowers are stunning

The more I think about moving back to Idaho, the more excited I get. All of my worries seem to fade away and all the positive aspects come into focus. One of my favorite thoughts is that because we will see family more often, we will get to use vacation time for adventures to the Redwood Forest, The Grand Canyon, and other amazing places that we want to visit. A home of our own is also in our near future, although the details about caring for the yard and decorating the inside overwhelm me. Oh well; I will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Folks are congratulating us (Bron) left and right. They often asked what I will do when we get out there. I reply that we will have a few more kids and I will be a stay-at-home mom until they are all in school. (At least that’s the plan.) Some people expect that answer and others are shocked; it’s a novelty to be a homemaker here. The more I think about my role as a mother at home, the more grateful I am for Bron and that he has worked and will continue to work very hard so that our children and I can have that opportunity. I am glad he supports the idea and wants our children to be raised by us—not by a full-time sitter. Many folks view a mother who stays at home with her kids a great sacrifice. I suppose it is a sacrifice, but I certainly don’t view it that way. I feel lucky!

Jed with our neighbor, Kohei

Why are such cute yellow flowers considered a weed?


  1. I'm so glad you guys get to move back to Idaho! Although the part of the country you are in right now is so pretty! Flowers like that would never grow here! Lovely pics!

  2. I love these shots.. what cutie you have :)


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