Eleven... Can We Drag This Month Out Please?

This month can drag on forever for all I care; it's the height of summer and the last month before my baby turns one year old!

At eleven months Levi:

:: Is starting to look goofy with two new top teeth!  (That was a miserable week for both baby and mama.)
:: Like a little raccoon.  His fists seem attracted to anything shiny.  He even moves my hair away to get to my earrings.  And for some reason he can't get enough of my blue external hard drive.  I have to hide that thing.
:: My sweet little crawler.  I love watching that little rear end waddle across the floor.
:: Stands up to everything and cruises along the furniture
:: Terrified of the vacuum cleaner.  Poor kid cries crocodile tears even when I hold him.  It's so sad!
:: Curly hair!  I don't want to cut it.
:: Cries when he sees Mama leave the room
:: Becoming an avid reader, especially for books with animals or touch-and-feel textures.  The grin on his face kills me!
:: Loooves to laugh and smile and make me laugh too.  Levi likes to play a funny game with me on the changing table that gets me giggling every time.  So much personality packed into such a tiny body!
:: Has a habit of screaming/squealing, especially whilst swinging at the park
:: Enjoys "wrestling" his big brother and stealing all his toys
:: Calls my name. "Mum!"  I'm so proud.
:: Eats all. the. time.  It seems he spends half the day in his booster seat.  (And I spend all my time cleaning the floor!)  The kid eats like a champ.
::  Mama has begun weaning.  We'll see how well this works.  He is pretty attached.  What can I say?  I am loved and I love him back.


  1. What a cutie! He is such a doll. Ok, what's the the screaming!? My baby does the same thing at the park! Um, yes booster seat 24/7. ha Oh these little boys we have! How fun that he has a big brother to wrestle with! Yes lets please have this next month crawl! I'm so with you! xo


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