The Dairy and the Cottonwoods

If you've ever visited Idaho you'd know that some parts are rocky and desolate (like the lava rock at Craters of the Moon) while others are just plain gorgeous.  My in-laws' dairy farm is located in just such a gorgeous place.  Situated at the foot of some mountains and nestled against a cottonwood forest, the scenery is breathtaking.  The only drawback?  The winters are long and cold.  But I guess that's why it's so beautiful: even nature needs to have its polar opposites.

On Sunday afternoon Bron and I were able to steal away for a walk through the cottonwoods just like we used to do when we were newlyweds living on the dairy.  Our walk brought back so many good memories!  Also, just soaking in nature's beauty made my heart sing. 

The South Fork of the Snake River
The scenery, handsome husband and baby included.
Levi loved getting a peek at the dairy cows munching away on lunch and following us around.

Bringing back a stray heifer.
Bron's brother, Farmer Talon.
Talon just bought a bunch of ground and planted corn for the first time.  It's growing!  And he's excited.
(Note: Above is alfalfa, not corn.)
Jed vs. the calf.  The calf won.
The money making bovine beauties.


  1. How pretty! I love your photography on all your posts. You do such an excellent job!

  2. Love Jed's calf-wrangling skillz ;)

  3. O my gosh, the pictures of Jed and the calf are too much!

  4. I fell in love with Bron's family's place too. It is gorgeous over there! Even in the snow. I am so excited to squeeze Levi, I'm counting down the days :)

  5. Sooo gorgeous! I've actually never been to Idaho. Weird. I need to visit! And I mainly need to come visit so that you can take our family photos!! :) Seriously. Your pictures are always SO perfect!

  6. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! jed looks like he's winning in the photos!


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