Mother's Day Weekend 2013

I'm actually not sure what to say about Mother's Day.  It was good, but it was hard too.  I think I have mixed feelings about the holiday.  Bitter-sweet is the word.   

You see, I am a mother of two very small children.  They are my greatest responsibilities and they are very demanding right now.  The truth is I'm often tired, not just physically but emotionally as well.  I nurture and worry and care around the clock.  I put their happiness and well-being ahead of my own.  I teach the same lessons day after day.  I try to do the right thing... even when I'm not sure what the right thing is.  And I'm learning to forgive myself over and over and over again for doing it all wrong!

So as I sat there in church listening to the high school seniors talk about how great their moms are, all I wanted to do was cry.  It felt like a knife: all the ways I'm imperfect as a mother, all the things I have to improve upon, and all the things I'm just simply not.

And I try so so hard! 

Most of what I do as a mother goes unnoticed.  Even Bron has no idea what I really do everyday and how challenging motherhood truly is.  (And on the flip side I have no idea how hard his job is!)  I sometimes feel unappreciated.  I get no official thanks.  My thanks comes in intermittent hugs and kisses and sweet laughter.

But the joy?  Oh, that comes all on its own.  It's the by-product of the many hours of selfless service that is motherhood.  It is what keeps me going day after day.  When I look into my children's faces, the pride and love I feel for them overflows.  My life is not my own anymore; they are my life.  For all the imminent lows that come with motherhood, the highs are absolutely euphoric.    

Yesterday I learned that Mother's Day really isn't about me.  It's not about me earning a nap or chocolates or flowers, though those are always appreciated.  Mother's Day is about teaching my children to give pause and respect.  It's about recognizing all the hard work all mother's do and celebrating her intense unconditional love... because a mother's love is the kind of love that essentially binds humanity together.

So here's a quick shout out to my very own sweet mother and to the mother who raised the man I love.  You deserve so much more credit than you are given.  I admire you and love you both dearly!


This weekend Bron showered me with love and flowers for Mother's Day.  It's the best way he knows how to show his love for me: by making me happy!  And Spring flowers make me happy.  This year he surprised me with hanging baskets for our front porch.  So we went to the nursery and I got to pick out exactly the flowers I wanted in them.  Then we came home and went to work on the yard and garden while the kiddos napped.  I become giddy with happiness every time I look outside my kitchen window now.  My flowers are stunningly beautiful.  

The strawberry lemonades we drank while we worked.  Very refreshing.
Jed and Levi lounging in the shade and sharing cereal.

Saturday night we dressed the kids in their jammies and went to a drive-in movie!  We cuddled together in the back of the Acadia with an arsenal of pillows and blankets and snacks to watch Iron Man 3.  Well, between wrestling two energetic boys, we got to watch most of the movie.  It was crazy fun (and a little frustrating)!

Sunday afternoon we got together with friends, of course, to eat and chat and let the kids run through the sprinklers.  Yay for summer!

I am so grateful for my little children and the opportunity I have to be their mother.  I am also grateful that I get to do it with Bron at my side.  All I've ever wanted is to be a wife and mother.  I'm so happy I'm theirs.

Happy Mother's Day!!!


  1. I loved this post! Thanks for being so open and honest. I bet you are a fantastic mother :) You have the cutest little family. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Just letting you know. ALL mothers feel that way at some point. For me it was the first 20 years. ha/ha But the last 12 have been great. You finally feel rested and you start seeing more of the fruits of your labors. However, just like you know, there are amazing things that happen along the way that you would never trade for anything. IT IS WORTH IT!! (And you are doing a great job, cut yourself some slack. You deserve it.)

  3. jammies and a drive-in? so much fun! (but i can totally see how it would be frustrating, too. i don't think evie would watch a minute of the movie.) and i love hanging baskets. our yard is full of them. what a great mother's day gift! :)

  4. It is rather a funny holiday but I loved this! You're such a great mom!

  5. This is so sweet! Such beautiful photos. Looks like you had a great Mother's Day!

    xoxo Jamie

  6. First and most importantly, you are an AMAZING mother. DONT EVER EVER DOUBT THAT. Secondly, I loved that standing flower pot/vase that you have....I want one. Where did you get it? Third, you seriously look like you are 18 years old. Fourth--the drive in movie sounds so fun with all the pillows in the back of car. I use to do that, but we dont have any drive ins near us.


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