Memorial Day Weekend 2013

The entire Nelson family gathered together this past weekend to congratulate this kid:

Kaleb just finished his high school career last week.  Next?  He leaves on a two year LDS mission... today, exactly one week from graduation.  Crazy!  But in a fun way.  Kaleb is heading to Columbus, Ohio.  On Sunday he said that he was really hoping to go on a foreign mission like his older brothers, but when he opened his call, Ohio suddenly became the coolest place on earth.  Ohio is getting one awesome kid.  We'll certainly miss Kaleb here at home, but I'm sure he'll have the adventure of a lifetime.

And since the weekend just happened to land on a holiday, the family party continued an extra day.  Luckily, it seems we have sleeping arrangements and a routine all figured out now.  Though Momma Nelson's house was packed to the brim with people, everything went surprisingly smoothly.  We made the most of the sunny weather, good food, and our time together.  In fact, Jed played so hard with his cousins I barely saw him.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend to us!

 Levi and Ridge at our Sunday afternoon brunch
 Brogan exhausted.  He really did fall asleep at the table!
Taylyn and chunky baby Crew
 What the Nelsons do best: gab!
 Chade and his mini me: Ledger
Ledger with sweet Joni
 More gabbing.  More food.  More dessert.  This went on all afternoon.
 Ridge taking a break
 DeAnn with her babies Victoria and Cooper
Babies everywhere!
Tannon is a monkey.

On Saturday afternoon we adults hired babysitters so that we could attend the temple in Rexburg with Kaleb.  Merri Sue teared up with joy seeing Kaleb there at the temple.  It made me think, but I can't even imagine Jed that old yet!  Then we all went out to eat, of course.  Mmmm....  Nobody beats fatty comfort food like Frontier Pies.

Funny story: Levi still nurses but he eats solid food well enough that I can leave him for several hours.  However, he may be just fine but my body isn't!  Just before going out to lunch I started leaking soaking my shirt.  What's a girl to do?  I went to the bathroom, grabbed a pad, ripped it in two, and stuffed those babies in.  Ahh, much better!  The only legit excuse for stuffing a bra. 

Sunday morning we all made it to church on time.  Extended family from miles around all trickled in to hear Kaleb speak, as well as a dozen swooning teenage girls.  After church, we moved the party to the Nelson's home for a delicious brunch that lasted all afternoon.  Really, I went back for seconds and thirds about every two hours.  I was stuffed!  But it all tasted so good.  And the conversation was even better.  I had so much fun catching up with aunts and cousins I hadn't seen for nearly a year!  

And I can't forget to mention that rousing game of Rummy and all those awful jokes.  Thanks, guys!

 Biking Brothers: Kaleb, Talon, Flint, Garret, Call, and Bron  (Missing: Tyrel)

On Monday Bron and his five brothers plus his dad all went on a guys' mountain biking adventure.  They got lost in the hills, found a waterfall, scratched some knees, and overall had a really great time!

We ladies took the kids to the zoo.  That's right, Momma Nelson, Amber, (we sure missed you DeAnn) and I took on ten children all eight years old and younger for the afternoon.  (Five of those children were under three, by the way.)  Go us!  Merri Sue had the genius idea to stop at a McDonald's drive-thru--in a giant passenger van--for lunch.  She ordered 50 chicken nuggets!  Hahaha  I feel bad for anyone who was in our vicinity at the zoo.  The kids just swarmed the attractions.  (Sorry to the mother trying to take a picture of her daughter.  There was really nothing we could do.)  My favorite part of the day was watching Levi's face light up as he laid eyes on a funny looking pig.  I about died laughing.  That baby is so cute!  (Sorry, no pictures at the zoo.  The chaos of ten children is not conducive to picture taking.)  I'd say our adventure rivals the boys', don't you? 

 Where Jed lived for three days: the sandbox in the backyard.
 Momma Nelson and Annabelle
 Cousins eating breakfast together
 Call is the best uncle any kid could ever ask for.
He is really good with all his nieces and nephews.  Jed talks about him all the time.
 Eating chocolate pudding
 Sharing with the dog.  Sweet, but oh so gross!

Thank you to everyone who made the weekend so enjoyable!  We had a blast!  And on Tuesday we needed a vacation from our vacation. 


  1. Could the names of people be any more awesome in this post? I seriously love your family if only for their super cool names. :)

  2. That bike ride looks beautiful. By the way, sharing the pudding with the dog? Your dad and the dogs lick lollipops together. Yuck!!

  3. So many cousins! I love it! Looks like a fun weekend!

  4. All of these kids are such cutie pies!! Your shots are amazing too, they really make me want to come on over and have chocolate pudding!

  5. It really was the best weekend ever!!! It's true. All we do is gab!!!:)


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