We are Officially That Boring Married Couple

It is physically painful for Bron to have his picture taken

We have officially crossed the threshold.  What threshold?  That threshold.  You know what I'm talking about: the threshold that officially plants us well in the "old and boring married" territory.

We went grocery shopping on our date.  Twice now, actually.  And I have to admit, grocery shopping without the kids is borderline enjoyable.

Am I nuts?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

I mean, I get to stroll around the store late in the evening arm in arm with my husband.  We talk and tease and nonchalantly discuss the state of the avocados.  

"Oh!  I forgot the sweetened condensed milk," I told Bron.  "I'll run and get it."
"Why run?" Bron asked.  "We aren't in a hurry and we'll pay the babysitter with a $20 regardless."
(Because who carries cash and better yet, who has change?)
So we mosied ourselves on over to the baking aisle.

What sweet sweet bliss it is to take my time shopping when I lack two miniature time bombs people in the cart.  (In case you didn't know, little people tend to get impatient and fussy when they're strapped into a cart too long.  Worse, toddlers tend to run away and throw temper tantrums in the middle of an aisle.) 

Also, how nice it is to have a conversation with my husband!

I used to worry (a little) that Bron and I would run out of things to talk about together.  Thank goodness that's not the case at all!

When we go on a date and sit down over dinner, it feels like I'm finally able to catch up with my best friend.  Surprisingly, we actually don't discuss our kids very much.  We have a long uninterrupted conversation in the daylight about work, about things we've read and heard, about our interests, about our wants and dreams for the future.  They're good conversations.

And then when we top off dinner with a calm and quiet hour in a book store, Bron and I both find the rejuvenation we need for the week.

A few hours just the two of us does wonders for me because sometimes I just need a break from my children.  And I feel absolutely no guilt saying that.

After a couple of hours I start to notice all the little children around and I begin to miss my own little children.  My arms ache to hold my own baby and my ears can't wait to hear Jed's happy little voice.  I appreciate motherhood and all its perks that much more!

And a few hours away is good for us as a couple.  Like Bron said on our anniversary date, "When we are good, everything else is good."

There couldn't be a more true story.  When we put our marriage first, everything else just seems to fall into place.  That is a real life happily ever after.

 Sometimes we feel like this...
 but mostly we feel like this!
 And these two little boys make us complete.


  1. Jessie - You two are anything but boring!!! You guys definitely know how to have a good time! Great family picture. :-)
    - Anna

  2. This post is 100% Kyle and I as well. Three times now we've gone to dinner and then spent the rest of our time out wandering some store- and we loved it! It's so refreshing to be able to go to the store together without children in tow. I feel the same way about chatting over dinner. I seriously look forward to being able for us to just chat about life, without keeping our kids under control. At Chelsie's sealing just last week, the sealer said to never let your children come before you and your spouse. Your spouse always comes first. I thought that was great advice, but often is so difficult to follow. I love your family picture, and I'm totally impressed that you were able to get such a great shot using a self timer!

  3. Love this! It's so true! Brady and I went on our first date night last Friday and we could have done anything, and it wouldn't have mattered! We actually did stop by the store for a minute :) It's definitely nice to have a little break :)

  4. Such a cute post and completely true! Your pictures are great. :)

  5. Haha, love th ebit about shopping without the kids! I did this the other day and it felt like such a luxury, even though I was still dashing in case the little one needed feeding! I guess you're never truly off-duty as a parent.Rx


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