Snapshots of Life Lately: Bathtime Edition

When we were house shopping, one drawback to the home we bought is that it only has one bathtub.  Our second bathroom is equipped with a small shower but the room is just half an inch too narrow to install a standard sized tub.  The bathroom will be great for Jed and Levi when they're older, but for now they use our giant soak tub instead.  I actually enjoy sharing a bathroom with these two little squirts.  It's fun to watch them practically swim in the big tub.  The boys are little fishies.  To say they love baths is an understatement.  And to say that I love the smell of baby soap in their fine hair will not suffice either.  We're all bath fans around here!  So I thought I'd take advantage of the pretty sunlight coming through our giant window to capture a scene that occurs three or four sometimes five evenings a week.  These bath nights just may become some of my favorite memories of my little boys.  (No worries, this is a very G-rated post.)

 Brothers playing in the tub!  I love this shot.
Hehe.  I like pinching that still little tushie!

We took the boys to the doctor yesterday for their well checkups.  Both Jed and Levi are in the 90th percentile for their height, around the 75th percentile for their weight, and declared to be absolutely normal and healthy.  What a blessing it is to have two perfectly healthy children!   


  1. Looks a lot like bathtime at my house!

  2. Seriously, bath time is one of my favorite times of the day. So much fun!!!

    xoxo Jamie

  3. Love this. Hailey loves having Keira in the tub with her too. It will be fun when Keira is a little bigger and sit on her own and play in the water with Hailey.


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