Happy Moments This Week

Just a few things not to be forgotten that put a smile on face this week...

::  Poser Jed.  I took a picture of Bron in front of this same wall for his biography snippet at work.  So of course Jed needed his picture done too!   Jed's biography would be awfully short, but his picture is absolutely priceless.  Based on his looks, I'd call him any day to be my dairy nutritionist.

::  Summer Arrived!  The week swooped in with sunny days and temperatures soaring into the mid-70's.  Bliss!  We've spent every spare moment outside.

::  Lunch at the park two days in a row.  These carefree days with my two little boys bring me so much happiness.  Perhaps it's because I know they won't last forever.  So while I push them on the swings and clamor down the tube slides, I cherish every laugh and every smile.  Life in those moments is about as close to perfect as they will ever get. 

::  At the park Jed promptly pulled his pants down and began watering the nearest tree.  "I pee!  I pee!" Jed exclaimed.  "You peed?  Good job!"  I cheered.  Suddenly I heard a man behind me chuckling.  Slightly embarrassed, I turned and shrugged.  "Sorry!  Potty training."  But I could tell from the man's reaction that I really had nothing to be embarrassed about: When you're a three year old boy, the whole world is your urinal.  Awesome.   

::  A long family walk one evening.

::  Newborn photos for my friend Amy's brand new baby boy.  Congratulations!

::  Cheesecake.  Mmmmm.  Enough said.  

::  This little guy "helping" me with the laundry.  (He looks like he's playing a trick on me, doesn't he?)  Levi is into everything these days and it is so dang cute watching him explore.

::  Snagging the best deal ever on an article of clothing, then going back to buy another as a surprise for my sister!  Love shopping like that.

::  First evening at the pool for the summer.  Our boys are part fish.  Levi is fearless!  He wore a smile all night.  And Jed went down the slide over and over all by himself! I'm such a proud mama.

::  I was talking on the phone while buckling the boys into their car seats one afternoon.  As I went to start the car I looked down and noticed my soda was gone.  I turned around to see Jed guzzling away.  He had swiped it while I was distracted.  "Ahh!  Give that back, "  I laughed.  "It has caffeine!"  Jed knowingly giggled.  Little stink.

::  Conquering five miles whilst pushing a double stroller.  I'm a rockstar!

::  Letting Jed explore an historical outpost on the old Oregon Trail.  His excitement for the crumbling log cabins and underground cellars reminded me of the times in my childhood when I visited historical World War II forts.  Getting a peek into history felt like an exciting honor.  It was fun to relive those feelings through Jed and teach him all about what he was seeing for the first time.

::  Reading a book while getting your bum wiped.  Can life possibly get any better?!  Nope.  It cannot.  I love this squishy baby of mine! 

Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!!!


  1. 5 miles WITH a double stroller?? You are a rockstar! Ha I can't even do one WITHOUT a stroller :)

    P.s. Everytime I see a picture of Jed I think he looks like a kid version of Payton Manning - do you see it?? Or am I just crazy? haha

  2. I'm a tad bit jealous of your warm weather! It's been rainy and kind of miserable all week. I just want to spend my days outdoors with Mia!
    Your little boys that bring you joy now, will just be BIG boys that bring you stress AND happiness, ha ha!
    I love that he was looking at a book while being changed! Mia's new thing is to suck on her foot while getting changed. The only other time she sucks on her foot is after bath when we are lotioning her up, ha!

  3. I love those days at the park. We've been there every day this week and Patrick still cries when we leave. :). Life with two boys is exciting and it's fun to read your blog because we do a lot of the same things. Haha

  4. Happy Mother's Day! Did you really conquer five miles with a double stroller? Wow, you are a rockstar! I love the picture of your little one helping you with the laundry. Enjoy these beautiful days, and especially enjoy today!

  5. I hate running with a stroller! You are a rock star! And Jed is your clone. Can't wait to play with those boys this summer!

  6. Yep...pretty sure I have never even ran 5 miles and with a double stroller??? Not ever gonna happen. You go girl! Love the pics :)

  7. look at your boys! they are so old! you can see jed's big boy face appearing now. i know i don't really know him, but how can this be?


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