Christmas Morning {A Special Video!}

This year Christmas morning couldn't have been more magical.  Playing the part of Santa's elves at midnight is so much fun.  I laid awake for almost an hour on Christmas morning just waiting for a tiny knock on the door!  Jed was sooo excited.  He and Levi were showered with all sorts of new toys.  The best part about little kids is that even the simple and cheap toys make their faces light up!  We enjoyed a slow leisurely morning opening presents and eating a rich breakfast of bacon and cinnamon rolls.  Yummm!  Then that evening found us at the Young's home across the street for a fancy feast that left us rolling in laughter while the kids ran around.  Perfection, if I may say so.  

On Christmas day, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with the abundance of love I feel for this little family and life of mine.  Everything I have is because of my Heavenly Father, and I have been blessed richly.  I am so grateful for this special season when we get to reflect on our Savior Jesus Christ, his birth and ministry.  And the opportunity I have to reflect on the last year, on what I've been given and how I can give back.  How can anything possibly be more magical or special than Christmas?!  I love, love, love it.   

I also love how this sweet video captures so well our Christmas morning, from little chocolate faces to bed heads to the boys' pajamas bottoms falling off their hips... and of course, the feelings of the happiest most magical morning of the year.  I hope you enjoy!  (I should mention, most of this video was shot BEFORE we opened the presents under the tree and the living room looked like an elf vomited Christmas spirit.)

And yes, a handful of pictures too...

^^The boys each received an Imaginext set from Santa.  Army men and Legos were also a big hit.  They haven't left their hot little hands since!^^
^^Danny Macaskill's Imaginate video explains these little bikes and riders perfectly.  It's one of the boys' favorite things to watch... and now to play with!^^
^^Bron's smiles as he realized he was getting a Garmin heart-rate and cadence monitor for his bike!^^
^^So funny, their little bums hanging out from their pajama bottoms.^^
^^I cried.  Yes, I seriously cried when I opened up my box from Bron.  He went above and beyond with a new hybrid camera bag/purse, a new blue camera strap, and an 85mm f/1.8 lens.  I couldn't believe it.  I am officially spoiled to the very core.^^

This year will definitely go down in memory as one of my all-time favorites.  
Merry Christmas Every One!


  1. What a sweet video! Also how is your house so clean on christmas???? It was so fun getting to see your families personalities running around instead of just in pictures :)

  2. I just did some serious catching up on your blog. I LOVE the picture of their little bums hanging out of their jammies :) Those boys are just too cute. Also, I love your tribute to Bron on his birthday. I'm glad you guys had a good Christmas! Love you!

  3. What an amazing video to have for years to come! The music to it is just perfect! =) Your Christmas sounds amazing, and YAY for being spoiled with some great gifts from your hubby!!! =) Happy New Year!

  4. Sounds like a fantastic Christmas! I love the video. So fun! I need to take more videos of my kids. What a fun thing to have.

  5. What a great Christmas morning! I love your videos! They are so fun! And you totally win the award for funnest mom of the year. Bubbles in the house? Awesome!

  6. oh how I love your sweet family! And big points to Bron for your gifts-amazing!

  7. Love the video, it captured your morning perfectly!

  8. Merry Christmas Jessie! I just loved your Christmas morning video; what a very special moment to capture for years to come!! There's nothing better than to see pure joy on our children's faces. Of course, it looks like you and Bron had a few moments of this bliss too! What a blessing.

  9. You take very beautiful pictures, just wanted to say!
    Happy New Year :)


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