A Very Nelson Thanksgiving

Jed was so excited to go to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving that he had his bag packed--with two pairs of pants, three shirts, three pairs of underwear, socks, a night light, his bear, and a blanket (not too shabby, little man!)--by 9AM Wednesday morning.  I had a hard time telling him he'd have to wait until I finished baking some pies and Daddy came home from work! 

Speaking of pies, I made three: an apple, a pumpkin, and a berry pie.  The berry pie didn't even make it to Thanksgiving morning.  It was perfectly delicious!  However, I forgot to mix in the sugar with my pumpkin pie.  So sad!  Pie fail.  Oh well.  Two out of three ain't bad.  And a little added sugar on top goes a long way.

This year, Thanksgiving was everything I'd hoped it would be.  (Thanks to all your preparation, Momma Nelson!)  I love getting together with family to carry out traditions we do year after year.  And though we often add on something completely different each year as well, the feelings of love and warmth mixed with delicious food, good company, and a little bit heaping spoonful of chaos are what make Thanksgiving on the Nelson Dairy so memorable.

We ate ham in addition to turkey this year.  Best. Decision. Ever.  The boys played a game of football in the backyard.  The men finally finished constructing the interior of the pool room.  The women shopped till we dropped on Black Friday.  (I love that my Christmas shopping is 95% done!)  The entire family met for some raucous games of bowling and pizza on Friday afternoon.  We all gabbed and played board games till bedtime.  And the grandkids opened brand new Christmas jammies from Grandma.  It was all so fun!

I even snagged the opportunity for some quiet reflection on my mile long walk to the mail box and back (for the Black Friday sale ads, of course!).  My heart has felt a little achy these last months--every time a friend announces her pregnancy it's like a kick in the gut--as a third baby for our family seems to elude us.  It's been nearly a year.  I don't know why it seems we can't get pregnant again, but I'm trying to trust that God knows the big picture and He knows best.  I haven't lost hope though.  As I said a silent prayer and counted my blessings that day, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed.  My Heavenly Father loves me.  I have been blessed with so very much!  It's all going to be okay; no matter what happens. 

It was truly a Happy Thanksgiving.        

^^Notice Jed's dirt fence for his army guy.  I love his imagination.^^
^^Levi's first football touchdown and kick on Thanksgiving day.  He's so cute I could just gobble him up!^^
^^And then the disappointment when it wasn't his turn to handle the ball.^^
^^Luckily, some frozen raspberries picked up his broken spirit lickety split.^^
 ^^What this corner of the house often looked like.  Bron's brother has nine children.  We have two.  That makes a total of eleven miniature crazies ruling the roost and playing with all of Grandma's cool old school toys.^^
 ^^Thanksgiving feast prep!  I love a man, especially that man, in the kitchen.^^
 ^^Oh, hey!  There's me!^^
^^Dishing up!^^
 ^^Chowing down at the kids' table^^
^^Kids in cozy Christmas jammies.  I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of these kinds of pictures on the stairs throughout the years.^^


  1. I always forget to take pictures with me in them at things hahaha you look fantastic! I'm hoping your baby dreams come true soon!! (maybe even a little girl to spoil??)

  2. everything about this post screams "fun." love it! glad I found your blog! xoxo

  3. I am sorry about your sugar-pie experience!! I hope your family was more forgiving than mine. I did it SEVERAL years ago and they still remind me every year. I think you are amazing at everything else you do at least in my eyes, so you are totally forgiven.

  4. These pictures are dreamy. You capture the everyday/little things so well!
    I could almost feel what you were feeling when you talked about your little walk and talk with Heavenly Father. That waiting for babies thing is so hard. There is nothing more sacred and exciting than the opportunity to be a mother again and it's so hard not to know when it will happen. I miscarried those two times in between Hadi and Carsen, and even though I knew throughout it that my Heavenly Father had everything under control, and I trusted him with everything I had, it didn't make the understanding part any easier. I still don't know all the reasons why but I will tell you the two reasons that give me the most peace about it taking so long. 1 is with how tough age 3 was with Hadley, and with how rough my pregnancy/postpartum was, I never could have handled all of it together. I thought I could, but I am so grateful I had more time to devote to dealing with Hadley instead of juggling things with my own mental and physical health, and two kids. And the other reason, which is so special to me, is god gave me a way to connect with and understand women who have been where I've been. And isn't that what being here is for? Loving and serving and connecting with the people around us? Plus there is something to be said about connection between women, and I am grateful for a chance to strengthen that!

    Okay. Rant over. Sorry :) But I hope you know you aren't alone it all of it!

  5. Your sweet little testimony is just what I needed to read this morning! I'm a big ball of anxiety right now and as I read your words, the pit in my stomach disappeared almost instantly and I feel so calm! Heavenly Father does love us, He does have our best interest in mind, and above all... His timing is perfect (not that it doesn't make it any easier on perfecting being patient) Seriously, just what I needed. Thank you for that reminder! Praying for your sweet family!
    Your Thanksgiving seriously sounds (and looks) like it was PERFECT!

  6. What a fun Thanksgiving! And, I'm sorry to hear how difficult it's been to expand your family. I never could have predicted what an emotional rollercoaster kids are, from getting pregnant, being pregnant and then raising them. They're completely worth it but I am glad that we can trust that Heavenly Father is completely in control.

  7. What a wonderful Thanksgiving! I love all of your pictures (as usual), but I especially love Levi in the swing, Jed's dirt fence, and the cousin in glasses. So. Darn. Cute! We have been praying about if a fourth baby is in the cards for us. We are still undecided, but we know whatever God has planned for our family will be perfect. His plan for your family is perfect too!

  8. So much joy in these photos- I just love it. That first one of Levi in the swing is amazing. I can't believe your brother in law has 9 kiddos- what a houseful!


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