Seven Things That Made Me Happy This Weekend

^^This picture makes me happy!  So what if my tree is a little big and over the top?  It's my dream come true tree.  I'm determined to soak in this truly special time with two innocent (and excited!) little boys under our roof this season.  They make it so easy to feel that special Christmas spirit.  ^^

In the spirit of counting my blessings and accentuating the positive this season, seven things that made me happy this weekend were: 

1. The way Levi gallops sideways across the house.  He says he's skateboarding.

2. Taking advantage of this unseasonably warm weather to play at the park on Friday afternoon with both my little boys!  Is it December or is it April?  I'm loving this sunshine.

3. I may be a little late getting on the chore train, but I'm learning that if my boys aren't doing something constructive, they're probably being destructive.  I think it's partly the age and partly the change to colder weather.  On Saturday afternoon, Jed and Levi helped me rake up the yard.  (Bron fit in a bike ride!  Yes, it was that nice.)  The yard certainly doesn't look amazing, but it's sure better than when we started.  Plus, Jed feels a sense of pride and accomplishment and I absolutely love that!  Here's to instilling a little work ethic into my sons.      

4. Going out to dinner with all three of my handsome boys on Saturday evening.  We hit up the Mongolian Grill--a little restaurant where we filled our bowls with all the vegetables, meat, and noodles we could muster, added some sauce, and watched a couple of men cook it up right in front of our eyes.  Jed and Levi thought it was pretty neat.  But the ice cream afterwards was even neater.

5. The excitement in Jed's voice as he proudly declared, "I did it, Mom!  I did it, Dad!"  Jed can pronounce the 's' sound but has a hard time using the sound within a word when he speaks.  We were practicing words like Santa, Steam, and Smoke on our drive home from town... and he did it!  Both Bron and I are so happy for him.  I didn't realize until that moment that Jed is acutely aware that he cannot say those kinds of things with ease.  We try not to make a big deal of it, but I think the help from the speech therapist in preschool is making him think about it.  I'm so proud of our big little guy.

6. Sharing a delicious roast, vegetables, and chocolate fudge on Sunday evening with friends.

7. There's nothing quite like hearing a four year old exclaim, "That was awesome!"  It was so cute.  Jed was referring to the brightly lit festive neighborhood we visited out in Filer Saturday evening.

Cheers to the best season of the year!

and just for fun...
^^what my tree looks like on a 2.5 second exposure while I do a little dance.  Ha!^^


  1. What a fun post. I need to do more of that, taking time to point out the small everyday things I'm grateful for. Especially right now during the holidays when life always gets to be a bit too much to handle. Your tree is awesome, by the way. And you already have presents under it!

  2. so sweet! i love these little things that you notice!

  3. Okay the second to last picture needs to be enlarged, framed, and hung up every year! So precious!

  4. I love your very tall "dream" tree! It should be on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens :)


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