Monthly Photography Challenge: Bokeh

This month's photography challenge is bokeh.  (If you're new to the blog, you can see previous challenges HERE.)  With the Christmas season upon us and little lights glowing everywhere, it only seemed a natural theme.  Those gleaming lights look so pretty, all blurry and out of focus, in the background!  So I decided to try to light up the background for my darling neighbor girl's one year old birthday shoot here in my home.  I learned a few things.  One point in particular is how I desperately need a stand to hang my backgrounds on!  Lucky me, Bron designed something and took me to the hardware store that very night for some PVC pipe.  I am beyond thrilled!  But really, no set-back can underrate this little girl's contagious smile.  Paisley is so cute I just want to sweep her up and squeeze her!

Thanks for peeking in!  Don't forget to check out the other talented ladies in our photography circle, beginning with Lauren Jensen Photography.


  1. She is just absolutely the cutest little girl! Her expressions are adorable =)
    And you did an amazing job with these photos! Love them!!!

  2. Jessie!! These are so cute! And so festive :) you are such a great photographer!

  3. Super super super cute! I love your setup! I too am in love with PVC. I wrote some blog posts about how I store my backdrops and how I (used to) make my backdrop stand. I now have metal tripod stands but I did the PVC thing for a year or two. :) I still store everything on my pipes so I don't have to iron them every time.

  4. Forgot the link:

  5. Oh my word, I love these!

  6. I love bokeh. So fun! She is adorable. Seriously, that hair is so cute!

  7. What adorable photos! You're such a natural. Sounds like your photography business is doing well :)

  8. You need to take pictures always of everyone! I love this so much and I think they're fantastic!

  9. such a sweet one year old! how does she hold so still? sarah would never!


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