The Rock Creek Station Lights

Family life seems to have a specific cycle: These people I love fill me up.  Drain me.  Repeat.

On Monday night Bron and I were feeling particularly drained and defeated by two little boys, but we loaded up into the car to go see the lights as promised anyway.  And I am so glad we did!  We were immediately filled to the brim again.

The colorful lights at Rock Creek Station are always one of my favorite Christmas season activities.  The trunks are wrapped from top to bottom.  There are a myriad of characters all lit up that the boys enjoy pointing and gawking at.  There are even bacon lights strung on a bush!  Totally cool.  We simply enjoyed the relatively warm uncrowded evening holding hands and wandering happily around together as a family of four.  Thanks for filling my tank, boys!

 ^^The bacon branches.  So random.  I love it!^^


  1. What an awesome display of lights! The picture of your little one with the candy canes in the background is absolutely perfect and beautiful! I'm so in awe of your photography style!

  2. Fun pictures! I was just thinking that we need to find some Christmas lights to take the girls to go see. Besides Temple Square. I've had my fill the past few years. It does seem to help to get out of the house and do something when the little ones are driving you crazy. Actually, our help for that tends to turn into movie night. We all snuggle together and everyone is quiet. So nice. 😀

  3. I absolutely love Levi's look of amazement and wonder. What a great Christmas tradition...

  4. Whoa!!! These lights are amazing!! So glad you ended up going and had the BEST time together!! These pictures are incredible (as always!)

  5. So fun! And I love your pictures! Way better than the ones I took with my phone when we went to see lights (I forgot my camera on the counter at home). I need a tutorial on how to get good photos at night with my real camera though!

  6. What beautiful pictures. (I love the bacon tree too.) I also love the barn with the American flag and Santa and his reindeer on top. I don't think we have anything that comes close to this light display around here... Glad this is just what you needed!

  7. I don't think I effectively conveyed how much I love that first picture. I would totally hang it in my house. Miss you cuz!


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