The North Pole Express

Last week our little family of four took a quick trip down to Utah to visit my Grandma (the boys' Great Grandma!) and to ride the North Pole Express.  Bron and I have been giddy with excitement since booking this special Christmas train trip over a month ago.  We knew Jed and Levi would love it, we just didn't expect how much the delighted looks on their faces would mean to us!

The train slowly crept along the tracks as an elf and the car's chef passed out chocolate chip cookies and cups of hot chocolate to everyone.  Then we all belted out Christmas carols as the sun set and we approached the "North Pole".  I will never forget the priceless look on Levi's face when he saw lights outside and Santa Clause waving at him.  He's a true believer!  However, the most magical moment occurred when Santa actually stepped onto our train car.  He shook the boys' hands, called them by name (thank goodness for name tags!) and gave each of us a silver bell.  What a magical night for us all!  I sure enjoy making special memories like these with the folks I love most.  

^^Jed and Levi anxious with excitement!^^
^^Grandma spoiled the boys with popcorn to eat and toy trains to play with.^^
^^Our surprisingly warm and posh (seriously, those seats were squishy and comfy) train car we rode, built in 1910.^^
^^Keepers.  Both of them.  Grandma has an extraordinary talent for making people feel special, us included!  We can't help but love her.  She really is a neat woman for so many reasons.^^
^^Staring out the window and singing the Twelve Days of Christmas on the train ride.^^
^^Arriving at the "North Pole"!^^
^^I want to print and frame this picture.  These are the happy expressions on my boys' faces as Santa was coming to talk to them!^^

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  1. SO FUN! I've been wanting to take my girls on the Heber Creeper. It'd be a blast, for me and for them. I didn't know they did a North Pole Express (not that I'm surprised)! Maybe we'll have to save our pennies and keep this in mind for next year.

  2. This is so cute! I've lived in Utah my whole life and have never done it so it's definitely going on the list for next year. Merry Christmas!

  3. Awwww they are so precious!!! I can't wait to do this at some point with our kids! Merry Christmas pretty lady!

  4. What a great experience to build wonderful memories with your boys! I'm so glad you included grandma--I'm sure it made her Christmas just to watch your cute boys! You're a good mommy, Jessie! Merry Christmas--we're looking forward to seeing you all.

  5. What a magical time!! I love the expression on the boys' faces. It looks like your trip to the "North Pole" was a huge success! (As you know, our son LOVES going on train trips...) Belated Merry Christmas, Jessie!

  6. AH-Mazing! You can tell in the boys faces that they had such a good time!


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