Life Lately in a Few Funny Short Stories and Pictures

:: "Where do eggs come from?" I asked Levi one morning, curious about his answer.
"The store!" he responded enthusiastically.
I laughed and Jed joyfully corrected him.  "Eggs come from chickens!"
I tried again.  "Levi, where does milk come from?"
"The fridge!"
Uhhh, oh.  We're going to have to work on this.

:: The boys were buckled up in the back seat of the truck when Levi suddenly called out, "I have a idea, Jed!  I have a idea."

:: "You're getting so tall, Jed," I marveled at his long legs in the back seat.
"That means I can drive the truck!" he responded enthusiastically.
Hahaha. Haha.  No.  Nice try!

:: Levi and I ran errands one afternoon while Jed was at preschool.  On our list of places to visit was good 'ol Costco.
"Mmmm.  My tummy is feeling hungry," Levi said rubbing his belly as I placed him in his seat.
"You just ate lunch," I chuckled.
Just then Levi spied a sample cart.  "Over there, Mom!  Over there!"
Costco, you've created a miniature monster.

:: I was getting ready one afternoon and pulled out the blow-dryer to do my hair.  Levi saw what I was doing and chimed in.  "You can put da dryer in over there or over there," he explained pointing to two separate outlets.  "Those are your choices."  Hmmm, the mini boss knows what's going on and sounds just like me!

:: I took Jed into a gas station for a quick road trip pit stop in Utah this week.  He sat on the toilet and warned, "Hold your nose on tight, Mom!"   

:: I was getting ready to draw a bath for the boys one morning when I heard water in the shower.  I walked over to see Jed peeing a steady golden stream onto the tile and down the drain--just six feet from the toilet!  Then Levi suddenly (and very quickly I might add) stuck his toy car into Jed's pee stream.  GROSS!  Gross, gross, gross.  They just giggled and thought I was being funny.  So this is life with boys, eh?!

:: Sometimes Levi comes wandering into our room in the middle of the night.  "Cuddle Mommy," he whispers.  So I groggily scoop him up and we silently snuggle together in my bed or on the couch until he drifts off to sleep again.  It's such a peaceful feeling, holding my sleeping two year old and listening to his soft breaths as his chests rises and falls.  Those are precious, personal, and beautiful moments that I truly cherish.  Oh, how I love that little boy with all my heart!

^^"Hunting" bears and deer outside on their faithful steeds, using my vacuum attachment as a gun and a plastic shovel for a sword.  Levi insisted on wearing cowboy boots too.  They've got all their stories mixed up and meshed into one great fantasy.  And I love it.^^

Thank you, Jed and Levi, for keeping my life so full of fun and mischief and laughter.  I love you!

P.S.  How is Christmas exactly one week away already?!  Hooray!


  1. I always love when you share these little stories! Your boys are so funny!! This makes me excited for Mia's vocabulary to keep expanding... I can't wait to hear the fun things she has to say!

  2. Loved these little stories! Kids can be so funny and cute =) The story of the bathtub totally make me chuckle outloud! haha =)
    Love all the pictures!!

  3. I hear you about Costco. My kids are the same way. Hailey jumps at the chance to go to Costco with me, all for the possibility of eating samples. Cute stories! "Hold your nose on tight!" Hahaha! I love the things kids say.

  4. These boys kill me!! I love them so much! Thank you for always sharing something I need to read ;)

  5. What is it about pee that is so funny? My boys are the exact same way! Bennett is also still a middle of the night cuddle-stealer and I don't hate it ;)

  6. Your two boys are so adorable. I love their "hunting" adventure! How could you not laugh and admire their pure innocence and joy? Thank you for sharing!


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