Happy 31-Derful Years to Bron!

Happy Birthday to Bron!!!  Yesterday he turned 31-derful years old.  (Haha.  I crack myself up!)  Every year I feel like I drop the ball somewhat because Bron's birthday is just 5 days before Christmas.  I usually go fishing under the tree for his present.  And this year I scheduled caroling (What?  Bron doesn't enjoy singing obnoxious carols door to door?!) with our friends on his big day.  Fortunately, Bron's birthday can go down in history as a success this year anyway.  

We began the day with a big breakfast of crepes with berries and then took the boys sledding in the South Hills.  There was about six inches of fresh powder!  Better yet, we were the first ones on the hill.  It was so much fun watching Jed and Levi careen down the slope on their brand new sleds, crashing and coming up with giant grins.  Then following hot showers and some gourmet pizza take-out for dinner, we did go caroling (to a whopping four houses) and spent the rest of the evening with friends eating too many sugary Christmas goodies and playing games.  An overall great day!  I kind of wish we could repeat it all over again.

 ^^Levi is so funny and fearless.  Head first!^^
 ^^Jed careened down the hill with his eyes closed.^^
 ^^Trudging back up the hill for another run^^

Happy Birthday, Bron!  I love you.  I'm so happy to have you in my life and feel lucky to call you mine.  So in honor of my studly husband and because this is our family journal, here are...

31 Wonderful Things I Love About Bron:

1. Gentle and kind

2. Dreamer

3. Patient

4. Slow to anger

5. Sensitive.  Though Bron may put up a tough front, he's actually a cuddly teddy bear and holds his feelings close.

6. The best listener and late night pillow talker there ever was.  We sometimes talk into the wee hours of the morning.

7. Outdoor adventure seeker

8. Mountain bike enthusiast

9. Spoils me rotten and says "I love you" like it's going out of style.

10. Logical.  (Thank heavens one of us can think straight!)

11. Fix it man.  Bron knows just what to do or say when I'm upset.  He comes to the rescue when the garage door won't shut or I can't quite reeeach up high enough.  The little boys ask him to fix their broken toys.  He changes light bulbs, unclogs toilets, replaces shower heads, and meets all the other mundane household maintenance needs.  Yes, Bron is our fix it guy and he does it all.

12. Tall.  With a height of 6'2", I can wear any pair of heels I please and still have to stand on tip-toe to kiss him.

13. Handsome: contagious smile, perfect nose, thick auburn hair.

14. Selfless.  This is one of my favorite attributes.  He comes home from long work road trips with ideas about what he'd like to do for other people.  It's amazing to me that those are the things he thinks about in his spare time.

15. Excellent chef in the kitchen, especially with meat.

16. Hard worker

17. Financially Savvy

18. My supportive rock.

19. Grateful.  Bron says "thank you" often.  This lets me know he notices what I do for him and for our family.
20. Determined.  From finishing his Master's degree to conquering a grueling bike race, whatever Bron puts his mind to, he WILL do. 

21. Aware of others' feelings.  He knows when to hold his tongue and how to say things in a way that doesn't hurt someone else.

22. Best hand-holder and cuddler on the planet!  Bron has a big beating heart that keeps his temperature running like a hot furnace.  (This makes him an excellent target for my icy toes at bedtime.)

23. A gentleman.  He opens doors for me, walks on the outside, and does other chivalrous deeds regularly.  Bron takes care of me.  And I absolutely LOVE it.

24. Keen sense for women's fashion.  Not for what is necessarily in style but what looks fantastic.  The outfits he has personally picked out for me are the ones I get the most compliments on.  Those clothes always make me feel like a million dollars.

25. Smart.  The man talks circles around me about pH balances and amino acids. 
26. Dependable.  Whenever I need him, he's there.  If ever you need him, he will be there.

27. Caring father.  He does everything from changing diapers, to bathing, to feeding our boys breakfast and so much more.  The little boys really love it when he wrestles them on the living room floor and reads them bedtime stories.

 28. Has a green thumb.  If it weren't for him, our yard would be dead.

29. Amazing memory.  Those history facts stick in his head like super glue sticks to my skin.

30. Kisses my forehead every morning while I lay in bed and whispers, "I love you."

Last but not least...


 ^^Tyke had a blast playing in the snow too!^^
^^My current favorite picture.  The interaction between these two melts me.^^


  1. Your photos are always so crisp and sharp! Teach me your ways. :-) I love these, as always, and I love this post. So sweet.

  2. I agree with Laura - your pictures are amazing! Cute post - happy birthday to your hubby. :)

  3. Beautiful pictures and I love the idea of writing down 31 things you love about your man. You two are an adorable couple. Happy Birthday Bron!!

  4. Gorgeous photos!! What a FUN day! I love your love for your family!! Bron is so lucky to have you ;)

  5. Fun! My poor children have never been sledding. We're dying for some good snow around here! Maybe we need to head up into the mountains so we can get our fix in. Happy birthday Bron!

  6. We miss the snow here! What fun!! Happy 31st birthday to Bron! He is very, very loved! You are such a special couple.


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