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Now that the busy adventures of summer have come to a close and I have a brand new camera (the Canon 6D!!!) to play with, I've been itching to get back to photographing our everyday lives around here.  And with two crazy fun little boys, you're almost guaranteed a little lifestyle flair. 

^^These smiles slay me.^^
^^If you're ever over visiting, be sure to ask Levi to ride his strider bike for you.  It is so fun to watch someone so short zoom around so fast and with such incredible balance.^^

Yes, we're potty training this week!  So far, so good... but I'll give you the official word in a month or so.  It really helps to have an older brother to show you the ropes and some advanced two year old communication skillz.  Plus, this kid will do anything for candy!  (He scales my pantry shelves to reach the candy I keep high up above my own head but hasn't even attempted to climb out of his crib yet.  Go figure.)  "Everybody come in here!" he exclaimed after tinkling last night.  Along with three M&Ms, he also expects a standing ovation from the entire family every time he pees.  Hahaha.

Lincoln Logs have completely taken over our living room.  It's a new obsession for Jed, but I don't mind one bit.  I actually enjoy helping Jed create new twists on the old log home, barn, or hotel.  And don't forget some fences or else the animals will escape!

Words can't tell you how much I just want to wrap this little boy up in my arms and never let go.  His smile, his enthusiasm, his imagination and zest for life are all simply contagious.  And he loves preschool too.  However, what also comes with Jed's sweet and caring personality is his need for routine.  He is an extremely particular child.  For instance, I once wrapped his untouched peanut butter and jelly sandwich in plastic so that Jed could possibly eat it the next afternoon.  Ever since then, Jed insists on wrapping any shred of leftover food in plastic for later.  "We have to put it in a paper bag!" he declares.  "Jed, that's just crust.  You won't eat that later, I know it."  Thus, a battle ensues.  Sometimes I give in and secretly throw it away later.  And sometimes, in other circumstances, I have to explain that it's okay to do things differently.  Hard lesson for this boy! 

Levi has taken the role of obnoxious little brother quite seriously.  He is very talented at destroying every log structure Jed so painstakingly puts together.  It's his job.  Sometimes I'm not sure how to handle this little monster.  He's so different from his brother!  Fortunately, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that seem to be working for now.

But, Levi is also a riot.  He is a huge personality all bottled up in a tiny body.  I catch myself laughing out loud multiple times a day as he narrates every detail of his life.  The things he says are hilarious!  I absolutely love scooping him up out of his crib every morning.  Between those golden curls and big eyes, happy smile, and loud smacking kisses he so freely bestows on my cheeks, I'm a puddle on the floor.

I love both my little boys.  Fiercely.  It's a good life we have here and now.


  1. Ohhhh I love them! What camera did you buy? Your images look fantastic. I am going to start potty training on Monday. I hope it's not jumping the gun :/

    1. Good luck potty training! All I know is that it's the most exhausting thing a mother can do, but it's totally worth it. Glad we're in this together!

      And thanks! I bought a Canon 6d. It's full frame and it is beautiful. But I did pay for it with all my photography money I've been saving this year, so I think I can justify it. It's my third baby now. :)

  2. These posts are my favorite! I love the everyday stuff sand details about your boys (because I know everything you're going through is in my near future!) Good luck with potty training. I'm STILL working on Carter....

  3. What camera did you get? I was just on amazon looking for a new lens- I think it is time for an upgrade! Love these little boys and the stories you tell about them!

  4. Levi should teach Rory how to potty train sheesh! I'm gonna try again after our trip later this month so hopefully by Christmas she'll be potty trained cuz ugh!

  5. Oh my goodness your boys are so adorable! I especially love that curly hair. What a doll! I also love the last line of this post-- that life is good "here and now." Sometimes it's so hard to remember that, but life really is beautiful eeeeevery day, if you are willing to pause and take notice :)

  6. What fun pictures! Good luck with the potty training! Sounds like he's ready. Levi sounds so similar to Keira. That girl climbs everywhere and on everything, yet she hasn't climbed out of her crib either! Fingers crossed. :)

  7. What kinds of tricks do you have up your sleeve for Levi? Paxton sounds like his personality is similar to his. He's constantly being the annoying little brother too.

  8. Stunning. I love the 6D! I have the 60D, but rented the 6D 3 times this past summer for weddings. Which lens did you use, more importantly? :-)

    My boys are just getting into Legos, but Lincoln Logs look fun!

  9. Your boys are SO cute! I'm glad you're savoring these memories. Lewie would do ANYTHING for candy too and so that was one of our great motivators for going "potty." I love that Levi wants a standing ovation after each potty visit too. You sound quite busy these days!


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