Let the Fall Festivities Commence

We had a fabulous weekend: a trip to the pumpkin patch, a mountain bike ride through a blazing forest of aspens, friends over for dinner, and the opportunity to listen to general conference.  Okay, let's get real, I cuddled up on the couch with Bron and we fell asleep together while the boys tore up the living room.  But there were some inspirational messages I'm chomping at the bit to re-watch/read.

This weekend I also learned that I'm often wound too tight as a mother.  I feel like I live in a state of constant movement and chaos.  There's always a little person needing a drink or a hug or a reminder to say "please", a mess to be cleaned up while another one is made, screaming to tame, and bruises that need band-aids all while I try to balance my rotating list of responsibilities to accomplish.  Annnd potty training this week certainly didn't help my state of mind.  Motherhood can be stressful!

The thing is, I'm not sure how to unwind.  I'm not sure it's even possible considering my part type-A personality.  However, I do know that dates with my husband help A LOT, especially dates that involve fresh air and exercise.  At one point in our ride, Bron and I put our bikes down and just sat together on a log.  We admired the flaming aspen trees and listened as the wind rustled the leaves.  It was so quiet; exactly my kind of relaxation.

But motherhood isn't all stressful, of course.  The boys and I had so much fun at the pumpkin patch that we're talking about a second trip!

On Friday, three girlfriends and I decided to meet up at Tubb's Farm in the afternoon with our children--or as Levi calls them, "my friends".  There was a pumpkin patch, a petting zoo, rubber duck races, corn guns, a hay ride, and a straw maze set up in the shape of a gigantic bumblebee that took us over a half hour to navigate.  But I think everyone's favorite part were the huge slides set up atop of straw bales.  The kids had so much fun slipping down (sometimes head first!) over and over.  We mamas couldn't help ourselves from getting in on the amusement too!

I'm so thankful for gorgeous Octobers and wonderful friends to share it with.

^^My boys and me on the hay ride pulled by a vintage John Deere tractor.  Levi wanted to do it again.^^            
^^Dani and baby Paisley took on the slide^^

^^These giant slides were fast and steep!^^
^^These little goats ate pretty much anything.  Insatiable little guys.^^
 ^^I can't stop laughing at this brotherly slide fail. Their faces are sooo funny!^^
^^Shelly with Easton and Amy with Abram.  Excellent mother-son bonding, don't you think?^^
^^Inside the bumblebee maze^^
^^These two holding hands through the maze was the most darling sentiment^^
^^Out in the pumpkin patch we finally settled on the perfect orange globe that Jed aptly named, "The Giant".  Haha.  It was too heavy for him to lift, but little does he know that pumpkins grow much much bigger!  The Giant, however, is just the right size for carving a jack-o-lantern face in a few weeks.^^


  1. This looks like so much fun! I want to take that little bitty goat home! It's just too cute! We went to a corn maze in Texas a few years ago that had a big slide on hay bales like the one y'all went on. It was a blast!

  2. Oh my goodness, Jessie, I have a Type-A personality too... I think walks help me to unwind a lot. Getting out to spend some time with friends (even if it's part of a play date) helps a lot too. By the way, your play date on Friday looked like great fun. I wish we had slides like that here! Have a great week, Jessie! :)

  3. That looks like so much fun!! I so wish we lived close so Rory could learn to love animals hahaha she likes them from a distance but if they get close, it's meltdown central hahaha

  4. Idaho in the fall time is the best! That looks like a way fun pumpkin patch. Also, I know the feeling of being wound up too tight. That was definitely me this week too! There is never a complete cure because we always are thinking of our kids!

  5. Soooo glad my grandbabies have such a good momma that does fun things with them. Don't beat yourself up. Enjoy the journey.


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