Monthly Photography Challenge: Silhouettes

I'm teaming up with my friend from high school/college at Lauren Jensen Photography to bring you today's post.  I don't think either of us had any idea just how much photography would one day capture our adult hearts, minds, and souls, but it has!  So in an effort to continue to stretch and grow as photographers, we decided to set up a monthly challenge to shoot something different, something outside of portraiture.  A challenge, per say.

This month's challenge: Silhouettes.

^^The old dead tree in our neighbor's yard.  I sure wish the sky had some clouds in it that night, but ya can't win them all, right?  I think the tree looks lonely here.^^
^^A whopping thanks to my cute neighbor girls for humoring me!^^
^^Note to self: next time you set up a tripod, make sure it is square with the window.  Haha!^^

I actually had no idea how difficult it would be to purposely shoot for a silhouette!  I'm so used to exposing for the subject that it was weird to dial down my exposure.  But the hardest part was finding the right light... and then placing my subject in front of it.  If you know my two little boys, you know that they don't stop moving long enough for me to set up the perfect shot.  I just have to run with it them!  But I do like the few images I was able to capture this month.  That'll do! 


  1. These photos are amazing! Totally jealous of your talent! I have been playing around with my camera a ton lately, but I get frustrated easily with it. I need to take a photography class I think =)

  2. What a fun idea to stretch your skills. I love this. I may be interested in playing along. :)

  3. I love these pictures, especially the one of you and Levi... I don't know much about photography, but it seems to me that shooting for silhouettes is pretty difficult. Congrats to you for taking and mastering the challenge. (The first picture of the tree really does capture the feeling of loneliness.)


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