My Heart Overflows... For Two Little Boys

Tonight my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude.  It feels a bit odd to be feeling this way after such a looong weekend babysitting my neighbor's three children.  But maybe the tough just makes these precious moments all the sweeter.


::  I am grateful for this brief season in life when Jed and Levi are still so young and innocent.  My boys don't care about the latest trends or politics in the news.  They don't worry about mean kids at school because young kids are typically very accepting.  Instead, all they care about is feeling love from their dad and me.  It's so simple!

And in case you didn't know, the cool thing to do is to quote nursery rhymes.  Last night Levi ran squealing around the house, "You can't catch me!  I'm the gingerbread man."

::  I am grateful for two healthy and handsome little boys who wear mischievous smiles all day long.  They like to chase and be chased around the couch in the living room and their laughter fills this home with happiness.

::  I am grateful for words mispronounced.  "I want to ride my bike around the cocoa-sac," Levi declared.  (He meant the cul-de-sac.  I sure wish there was chocolate!) 

::  I'm grateful for those excited waves good-bye just before Jed climbs onto the bus.  And when he comes flying eagerly into my arms after school with news about his day, well, I think my heart just might explode with joy.

::  I'm grateful for wet smacks from tiny lips on my cheek.  "I need to give you a kiss, Mom!"  They both say that.

::  I'm grateful Jed and Levi fit under each arm as we read a bedtime story.

::  I'm grateful for Jed's silly sense of humor.  "You a dinosaur!  ...  You toothpaste!"  And then he giggles and giggles as if he's the most clever comedian that ever lived.  (I responded that he's the toothbrush to my toothpaste.  Hardy-har-har!)

::  I'm grateful for the blonde curls I get to run my fingers through as I sing Levi a lullaby each night.  He's getting too big for my lap, but I'm not ready to stop snuggling him. 

::  Finally, I am grateful to hear these words echoed back at me each night before I close their doors, "Good night!  Merry Christmas!  Sweet dreams, Mom!  Mmmuah!"   

Yes, it's been nearly a year. Every night Jed still wishes me a "Merry Christmas!" It won't last forever, so I stopped trying to correct him.


I am so incredibly blessed to be Jed and Levi's mother.  My heart and soul never knew such happiness until they came into my life.  And to think, they are mine forever!  Life is good.        


  1. Ah you have me in tears!! They're so precious!

  2. I love this so much! Cullen and Bennett love the 'youre toothpaste sort of jokes too'-I love these little dudes of ours!

  3. I'm so proud to be your mom, Jessie! And grandma to those sweet precious boys!

  4. What sweet boys you have... I love this age, and I'm happy to say that their innocence still remains when they are five and six too. Enjoy, and 'Merry Christmas'! (LOL)

  5. oh so so sweet!!! they are precious, and i totally relate the the overflowing mom love. it's the best!!

  6. They are so sweet! Levi, can I come eat chocolate while you ride in the cocoa-sac? ;-)


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