The Fire Station

^^This picture reminds me just how little my boy still is, though one day he may just come "tooo the rescue!" as a real fireman.  Who knows?^^

"Eee-o!  Eee-o!  Tooo the rescue!"  These are common words heard around our home--from both my little boys--followed by the puttering of a truck or airplane.  It really is cute.  That's why when Jed got word that his preschool class was going to be taking a field trip to the local fire station, he was ecstatic with excitement.  

Yesterday, we spent a typical hour and a half touring our local fire house.  Two firemen drilled the preschool kids on fire safety and then showed them all their gear: from the heavy coats and helmets to the hoses, axes, and even the "jaws of life" (they're heavy!) tucked away on the fire engine.  Then the kids actually got to hop inside the truck.  The only thing that would have made their day even better would've been a speedy ride with the lights flashing!  Jed and Levi loved every minute of our visit.  

And though I enjoyed our trip too, I actually liked watching Jed interact in his preschool class even better.  It's no surprise to me that he's outgoing and enthusiastic, up front and center!  I have a feeling I'm going to turn into one of those over-involved classroom moms just because I want to know what's going on with my sons.  But that's not necessarily a bad thing, right?

So without further ado, pictures from the fire station!  

^^A real fireman showing the kids his cool smoke mask.  When he put it on, it actually scared one little girl to tears!^^
^^Levi's awestruck face when the firemen turned on the flashing red engine lights.^^
^^Wearing their souvenir fire hats!^^


  1. So adorable! And your little boy just swims in the fire jacket! Love your photos as always! =)

  2. Fun! Don't worry, I'll likely be the over-involved mom too. :)

    We got to see the firemen and their truck yesterday too. We picked a good day for storytime at the library.

  3. How adorable!! I love that your little boys want to be heros . . . the real kind! :)

  4. So cute! I would totally be the over-involved mom if I didn't have to work around Evelyn's naps and tote her around everywhere with me. Instead I just bother the teacher through email all the time! ;-)

  5. Cute photos! They are such adorable boys! And I don't think it's bad to be super involved, but maybe that's because I know it's the kind of mom I will be too :) I think it's necessary these days to be ultra-aware of your kids, so I personally think it's awesome if you have the ability to be really present!

  6. Oh my goodness. Your boys must have loved this trip!! I love the look of curiosity on their little faces...and that picture of Jed in a fireman's uniform is the best... Definitely a reminder of how little both of them still are.


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