Taking on the Corn Maze With Five Children

^^Little friends ready to get lost in the spoooky corn maze together!^^

The weather this month has been absolutely spectacular.  With sunny skies and temperatures nearing 80 degrees, we've been enjoying the great outdoors as much as possible--taking in all the glowing yellows and oranges on mountain bike rides, at the pumpkin patch, hiking in the hills, and playing in the yard.  These last few weeks have been pretty dreamy.  So of course we had to add the corn maze on to our list of Fall adventures too!  I absolutely love this time of year.  If only October could last twice as long.

Also of note is that Bron and I acted as temporary parents for three extra children for several days this past week while their mom and dad went on vacation, thus the reason I mentioned five children.  I had FIVE children under my roof!  It was in one word: exhausting.  I definitely learned a few things from the experience, like how to braid little girl hair and how much harder it is to have patience with children that are not my own.  Feeding a small army four times a day is no easy task either.  I felt like I was always in the kitchen prepping food and loading and unloading the dish washer.  Whew!  But we all survived--with full tummies and mostly happy faces--and I am here to tell the tale.  I suppose we did as good as could be expected.

Anyway, on Friday evening our small army met up with another small army (our awesome friends and neighbors, the Young family) to conquer the corn maze!  The kids were sooo excited!  We let them lead the way.  We did wander around in circles, but with just a tad bit of guidance from us grown-ups we found our way through the "woods", past a hanging skeleton (touch his feet, kids!), and eventually out the exit before dark.  It was a fun night out!            

^^Smart thinking!  We put the littlest child in the backpack.  Bron's a really good looking mule, don't you think?^^
 ^^Someone's short legs got tired and needed a piggy back ride.^^
 ^^Greg jumped out from behind the bushes and scared the kids!  Muahaha!^^
 ^^And then Jed's legs got tired too...^^

Thanks October for another grand seasonal adventure!


  1. What an awesome corn maze! Sounds so much fun, and I think you are pretty wonderful to watch three additional kids for several days! They are pretty lucky to have you and Bron as friends because that's a HUGE favor....not just babysitting for a few hours, but watching for a few days! You guys are incredible!

  2. A corn maze is one thing that we haven't tackled yet this fall. We'll see if we can squeeze one in before it starts getting too cold. The corn maze y'all went to looks really fun! And kudos to you, my friend, for surviving a week with five kids!

  3. You are seriously super MOM!! This sounds (and looks) like the funnest adventure! Anything to wear 5 kids out so that they will go to sleep and you can have some alone time, right? ;) ha ha!

  4. oh wow, you are good good friends to take on a few extra kids! Great idea getting them outside and wearing them out. Gosh I can't imagine more kids than hands and eyes. You got such beautiful shots too! I think I found a corn maze near me, but naturally it was too late to hit it up. Maybe I'll remember in a year so we can go.
    Thanks for linking up too!

  5. Wow you are super amazing for taking on 3 kids - must be really good friends! And then to a corn maze with more kids?! So brave! But no seriously looks like a blast. Looks like you had great lighting and got some great photos of all the fun! hThanks for linking up with us!


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