The County Fair, Winning Ribbons, and Six Other Happenings

One of my favorite annual events is the Twin Falls County Fair.  It occurs every Labor Day weekend and I find myself looking forward to it as summer starts winding down.  Apparently, Jed has been enough times in his little life that he began looking forward to it this year too!  Multiple times he pointed to a picture in one of his books.  Illustrated in the top corner was a ferris wheel and bright colored tents set far off in the countryside.  "I want to go there!" Jed declared.  "When can go there, Mom?"  And soon I was answering with a countdown.  "Just two more weeks... one more week... we're going on Saturday!"

And the fair didn't disappoint!  Does it ever?  We toured every single barn and saw all the animals from dairy cows and horses to rabbits, alpacas, goats, and pigs.  It was a regular zoo of the 4-H type.  But it was the model train building that really caught the boys' attention.  We stayed in there foreverrr--the little boys pointing excitedly--and even went back for second stares.  Jed and Levi just couldn't get enough!  I don't get it, but apparently that's because I lack a Y chromosome.  Trains are indeed very cool stuff.  (But I have to admit, I think I could see myself having a lot of fun putting together a detailed miniature world for these trains to run through.)        

 ^^Winning Ribbons!  My goat won second place in the Advanced Amateur Wildlife division and silly Levi won third in the Professional Black and White division.^^

The highlight of the night, for me, was browsing through the photography booth.  This year I was brave enough to submit six different pictures to the fair.  Talk about making myself vulnerable!  Strangers were going to be judging the art I put so much of my time and heart into.  Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised.  TWO of my photos placed with winning ribbons.  Woohoo!  Just enough success to give me confidence but also keep me trying to aspire to the competition.

We polished off our evening together by sharing a dozen sugary mini donuts.  Mmmm!  Fair food.  Till next year!  I'm so glad the fair has become such a fun family tradition for us.

^^Special Daddy-Son moment as they discussed the bulls' long horns^^
^^Levi's awestruck stare.  Love it.^^
^^Jed happy as a clam in the train depot.^^

6 Other Recent Happenings:

1.  Grilled peaches have become a regular menu item here at our home.  Yes, grilled peaches.  They're delicious!  Slathered with a tablespoon of honey flavored cream cheese or maple cream and it's heaven in my mouth.  I love all the fresh produce this time of year!

2.  We had family pictures taken!  I traded another local photographer for the service.  I have to admit, it makes me a little nervous photographing another photographer, but it was so nice to finally meet Alea in person!  I'm glad our paths crossed because I think we could really get along and have some fun together.  It's also really weird to be on the other side of the camera and have to wait to see our photos.

3.  I bought a new dress for said family photos that makes me feel like a million dollars.  And then because Bron enjoys spoiling me rotten, a package arrived in the mail with an outfit my husband saw in a magazine and thought I needed.  Let me tell you, that man knows how to dress me!  He has a knack for picking out dresses that fit like a glove and make me feel like two million dollars.  Wow.  I might just have to model for you poor readers.  It's so much fun to wear new super cute clothes!

4.  On Friday, I hired a last minute babysitter to fit in another beautiful and thrilling mountain bike ride with my Honey.  It was exactly the stress reliever I needed to kick off the weekend right.     

5.  We attended a first birthday carnival party that was completely over the top!  There was a miniature petting zoo, bounce house, and more food and desserts (displayed in the cutest ways) than we could possibly devour.  But I think the crowning activity of the party was the modified tractor train.  Jed and Levi got to ride that train as many times as their joyful hearts could stand.  Okay, so I rode it too.  It was a fantastic afternoon!

6.  Last but certainly not least... I bought a new camera!  I've been eyeing the Canon 6D and have been saving all my pennies for about a year now.  I am finally moving up to a full frame!  It's going to be a huge upgrade from my five year old Rebel xsi.  Haha.  It's like Christmas.  I am sooo excited!  It's all I can think about in my spare moments and I can't help grinning from ear to ear.  The next three days are going to be the longest of my life!

It's been a good week.  :)
Happy Monday! 


  1. What a fun weekend! I can't think of anything better than spending time with family, fair, winning ribbons and purchasing an amazing camera! That might be hard to top next weekend ;)

  2. I love love love the fair! My husband and I go every year...perhaps I should blog about why it's so special to us. ha. and you just reminded me that I need to schedule family pics. ha

  3. Yay for country fairs! (Isn't that funny that we posted about the same thing.) Oh, it sounds like your little men are hooked on trains. It often starts with seeing a few model trains and then the obsession progresses :)

    I hope you model your two new dresses soon! My husband has picked out sweats for me but never a dress! So glad you had such a wonderful week/weekend!

  4. I LOVE county fairs! I'm hoping that my kids can grow up attending and participating in county fairs just like I did. Congratulations on your winnings! That's great! And I can't wait to see y'all's family photos!

  5. I love fairs, esp the food! Super fun that he remembers it enough to anticipate it! Congrats on placing twice! I love them both! And that is super sweet that your husband found a dress for you and that it is awesome! Not sure my husband could pull that one off.

  6. Congratulations on your ribbons! That's very exciting for you, and definitely encouraging.

  7. Wow beautiful photos from what looks like an amazing time at the fair. And congratulations on your photos winning!!

  8. Um, your photos are beautiful, your family is darling, and now I just really want some grilled peaches. So thanks a lot for that. ;)


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