Our Little Labor Day Weekend Getaway (aka Idaho Eye Candy)

^^This is what photographers call a drive-by shooting: roll down the window and click!  Our drive through the Sawtooth Mountains was pretty spectacular.^^

Our Labor Day weekend encompassed the worst of the worst and the best of the best.  I have to be honest, Bron and I experienced the biggest upset in our seven years of marriage this weekend.  There were harsh words, lots of tears, and Jed reminding us from the back seat that, "We don't yell in the car!"  Haha.  Our feelings had been brewing over the last few months and it finally all exploded.  Fortunately, I married a man who believes in healing hugs, a clean slate, and fresh starts...because marriage is forever.  I am so grateful for that.  We have no idea how we're going to "fix" what went wrong, but we're both determined to do a little better, to be a little better for one another.  I'd like to believe that we'll figure it all out over the coming weeks. 

It's ironic that after a blow up like that, all we really want to do is shut the rest of the world out and just cling to one another.  And we totally would have dropped the boys off with a babysitter and taken off--just the two of us--if it hadn't happened to be a holiday weekend.  So we settled on a long peaceful drive up to Stanley, Idaho instead.

It was essentially a 2.5 hour drive for a picnic on Monday, but the scenery was eye candy.  Even the boys enjoyed the views from the back seat between bouts of antagonizing each other.  It was a really peaceful and relaxing day spent as a family.  We picked up donuts on our way out, ate a picnic lunch on Alturas Lake, and grabbed burgers in Hailey, Idaho on our way home.  It felt really good to just let the world and all its worries slide out of focus for a day...and hold my Honey's hand.  I think we'll head back up there again next year.

^^We stopped for a picnic lunch on Alturas Lake.  Pretty much perfection.^^
 ^^Rock throwing, of course!^^

Idaho, the more I see and explore, I can't help but fall more and more in love with you.  It's officially a love affair. 


  1. Wow, the scenery really is eye candy! I'm glad you all had a wonderful holiday together. Here's to "healing hugs" and "fresh starts." (We've had quite a few of them in our marriage too.) Hugs to you my friend!

  2. Idaho is so beautiful!! I don't think people even know how beautiful it really is!!!

  3. If there is anything that can heal- it is beautiful scenery and beautiful boys. Praying for you all!

  4. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL! What an amazing escape!
    And girl, I know exactly what you're going through! Eric and I had our big explosion a week ago tonight. Thankfully it was after Mia was put in bed because I swear I feel even worse (if that's possible) arguing in front of Mia. I feel like everything around us is crumbling, but the problem is that it's all out of our hands! We have no control of it at the moment, which is so frustrating! And of course the one thing I do have control over, my reaction, I totally failed at! UGH! Working on repairs right now, too! xoxo


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