Jed's First Day of Preschool

^^Jed was sooo excited to wear his new dinosaur "pack pack"... and a hat, of course.  He can't hop on the bus without a hat.^^

Jed started preschool on Monday and we all couldn't be more excited!  I think his favorite part about going to school may be riding the bus, but Jed says he likes learning about numbers.  Jed's favorite color is blue and when he grows up he is going to be a dad.  What a cutie.

As for me, I'm handling this change much better than I did when he initially started preschool last February.  I'm ready for this!  But as for Jed, well, he's a particular child who thrives on routine.  He's going to afternoon preschool now which means no more naps and an earlier bedtime.  It also means his bus schedule has changed.  We've already dealt with two very epic and hysterical meltdowns after school.  (Whew!  We survived... barely.)  I just hope he adapts quickly to all these new changes and we can find a new routine that suits everyone really soon.

I sure love you Jed and am proud of the big, sensitive, creative, and happy personality that lives in that short little boy body of yours.  Go get 'em, Tiny!   


  1. Yay for Jed! (I love his big dude shirt!) Changing routines is never easy; I'll keep my fingers crossed that he gets adjusted to his new school schedule real soon--like tomorrow soon! Good luck, and I hope he loves preschool this year!

  2. I LOVE his shirt. Haha. Happy 1st day!

  3. Cute kid. That dino backpack is fantastic!


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