Ririe or Bust

^^Lunch at one of my all-time favorite places with some of my all-time favorite people.^^

I began last week with a sore throat, fever, and all around miserable achiness that is still mildly hanging on.  I always manage to contract one or two minor illnesses every year that knock me off my feet and this was is one of them.  Bron insists that I make my ailments worse by refusing to eat anything.  He's probably right, but if it hurts to swallow then I say that food ain't worth the effort!  So after canceling everything on the calendar and getting absolutely nothing done all week, I couldn't quite bring myself to scratch our trip to Ririe to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa Nelson too.  Anyhow, the boys were sooo excited!  So after a rough start Thursday morning, we finally hit the road.  Ririe or bust, baby!

Sometimes I wish I could see and feel things from Jed and Levi's perspective.  They are absolutely wild about Grandma's house and they adore everybody there--cousins, uncles, and of course, Grandma and Grandpa.  There's always frozen raspberries, marshmallows in the kitchen drawer, vintage toys galore, and the same red sleeping bag for Jed to sleep in on the floor.  Plus don't forget, there's an entire dairy farm to explore too!  With so much to do and so many people to love and be loved by, it's no wonder my boys look forward to a trip to Grandma's like it's Christmas morning.  And hey, I love it too.

I mixed a little business into our trip and managed to do three photo shoots with my brand new camera.  (I'm head over heels in LOOOVE, by the way!)  Then Bron and I visited two of our favorite friends Thursday evening.  We stuffed our faces with delicious cheesecake and got talking/laughing way too late into the night--but you know we wouldn't have it any other way.

On Friday we began making our way south again.  First stop: Rupe's in Blackfoot.  That place is equal parts awesome food and nostalgia.  (I've been making memories there since that one crazy night sophomore year in college.)  A person just can't go wrong with Rupe's!  With our bellies full, we briefly visited my four day old niece, Quincy, and then headed to Uncle Call's high school football game against Aberdeen.  Call texted me later that night and said he could actually hear Jed and Levi cheering.  Haha.  Annnd Ririe won.   

A good two days and good memories made.           

 ^^Chugging milk and hamming it up for the camera while waiting on Grandma and Grandpa Nelson^^
 ^^Fish and chips fries for me!  Yumm!^^
 ^^Cheering with Grandma from the bleachers.  Go Call!^^
 ^^Jed wanted in on the action too.  He kept sneaking onto the grass.^^

Jed also found a giant moth somewhere near the stands and brought it to me cupped oh so carefully in his hands.  When I told him I thought it was dead and to put it back, Jed promptly threw the moth on the ground and stomped on it.  Then stomped on it some more in front of everyone.  Ugh.  What a boy!

 ^^Can you spy #6?  That's our guy, Call!^^


  1. I'm glad you didn't scratch the trip and you agreed to take our pictures! Sorry Aiden was crying or we could have chatted a little bit more. Thanks again and I'm excited to see them :)

  2. Glad the trip still came together. It was fun having you here. However, Flint & Jed are the local stars now. I can't believe how many comments they are getting on their picture. I think Flint secretly likes it:) I must say it is a really good picture. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the composition of the first photograph. Amazing!


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