Pierre's Hole Bike Race

Before we get too far into September, Bron's mountain bike race needs to be documented! 

Last month, Bron and a couple of his buddies conquered a grueling 30 mile mountain bike race around Grand Targhee Ski Resort known as Pierre's Hole.  Bron had his eye on the race all winter, so when spring came around he signed up as fast as you can say downhill.  Except there wasn't anything downhill about this race.  Bron trained all summer long.  I was honestly beginning to get a little sick of just how many hours he spent on his bike every week!  But Bron was feeling good, increasing in strength, and most importantly gaining confidence and skills.  I couldn't possibly begrudge a happy husband!

Bron originally thought he was in pretty good shape and even considered riding two laps (60 miles!!) until he rode a practice route a couple of weeks before the race.  He realized then just how extreme the course was going to be: 90 degree switchback turns, brutal uphill climbs, and technical obstacles throughout.  The race was not only going to test his physical endurance, but challenge him mentally and nutritionally as well. 

The starting gun rang the morning of August 16th around 8:30AM.  The temperature outside was a chilly fifty degrees and everyone was feeling anxious.  Approximately four hours later Bron crossed the finish line.  Out of breath and out of energy, he had triumphed! 

It's no surprise that Bron is already planning to do it all over again next year.  Perhaps he'll even conquer two laps. 

Crazy man of mine, I sure am proud of him.  Love you, Bron!  

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  1. Fantastic for him! He did it! My husband did a race that he worked for for months, and I know how proud he was for accomplishing it. As was I. Just so good for the soul.


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