On Slooowing Down for the Sickies and Every Other Day Too

It's late afternoon and I'm still in my pajamas.  Same story yesterday too: I didn't shower until after the boys had finally gone to bed.  And yet, I don't mind one bit.  I'm actually really enjoying this privilege I have as a stay-at-home-mama to cuddle and care for my little boys--especially when they need me most.

You see, yesterday both Jed and Levi caught a stomach bug.  Throwing up was quite traumatic for both of them.  Poor boys.  So while Jed took a four hour nap in his room, I simply held Levi on the couch in the den because all he wanted in the whole wide world was me...and his soft blue blanket.

It's hard for me to see these two feeling so yucky and lethargic, so out of character for them.  But curiously, on the flip side, this is when I love being needed.  I feel like I'm doing what I was made to do: to wipe away those crocodile tears, to bathe, to cuddle and to comfort.  When the two little people I love most are sick, I feel like it's okay to drop everything and take the day slooowly and as it comes.

So why oh why don't I feel like I can do this most other days when we're all well?  Why do I have a to-do list a mile long?  Why do I feel like I need to be in a hurry?  Why do I fill my few free minutes with a million things that just don't matter?  And why do I stress myself out because of it?

The truth is, the important things will get done.  And some things I may never get to!

All I know is that I need to put Jed and Levi at the top of my priority list every day.  And I try, I really try.  But I realize I need to slooow down and relax a bit more, to linger just a little bit longer with them under my arms as we read stories, to take the time to really listen to their silly stories, and to give them yet another goodnight kiss.  There is a time and a season for everything.  And right now, that season is dedicated to these two miniature sweethearts.


  1. So sorry you have more sickness, but it is always good just to stop. Sometimes, we have to be forced to so but we really need it now and again. Hope all well soon.

  2. I've been thinking these same thoughts. I want my everyday actions to be less in quantity but bigger in quality. Less but more. Today I was nursing Carsen and checking updates on my phone (like I all ways do..) and I looked down and his beautiful blue eyes were locked on mine. And my heart just shattered. Why so I need to be doing something at all times?? Why can't I just appreciate those little eyes that probably won't always look at me so fondly? I mean, we both know we are doing the best we can. And we are good moms dang it :) but up really want to pause more and soak in what's around me.

    Sorry for the rant :) BUT I wanted to say I love how much you are putting yourself out there lately as far as your photography goes! I can tell you are making an effort and I'm proud of you! You've got a talent, and I'm excited to see your business grow.

  3. Awww, poor little guys! Hope they feel better soon. But you're right, something about sick kiddies brings out the best in mommas.

  4. I loved this. Sorry your little ones are sick!

  5. Those are so pretty adorable faces for some sickies. You are a wonderful Momma!

  6. Seriously, I have been having the same thoughts recently. I spend so much time being busy, but the best days are when I slow down, ignore my to-do list and focus on my girls. I'm really trying hard to be better about putting my girls first. I can already see it having a positive effect on our home.


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