Apple Picking Fun

Every once in a while (okay, almost weekly) I get an itch to get out and do something out of the ordinary.  I want to live in the moment and spend some quality time with my two little boys doing something fun.  So when my neighbor Dani told us about this amazing apple orchard in Filer where her family scored apples for 25 cents a pound, I knew it was just the ticket.

Since Jed attends preschool Monday through Thursday, Friday is now officially a part of the weekend; it is a third day without a schedule dedicated to play!  The little boys and I excitedly loaded into the car Friday morning to find this apple farm.  We got lost.  Sooo close and yet so far.  But the boys were surprisingly content in the back seat.  It was a beautiful country drive!  We even happened upon the Steelhead Fish Hatchery for a mini pit stop adventure.  (Note to self: visit that place again in May or June.)

 ^^The man working there said there were over 4 million (did I hear that right?) fish there right now.^^
 ^^Jed's tube socks with shorts kill me. My boy has style!^^

Well, we did finally make it to the apple orchard and it was picture perfect.  There were rows and rows of every variety of apple tree located right on the canyon rim and two very happy little boys eager to pick and eat.

Jed lived on the ladder high up in the leaves of one particular tree.  My little monkey would pick an apple, carefully descend the ladder, and then drop it in his bucket--over and over.  It was the cutest thing.  And sometimes he would just sit up there and taste that juicy yellow orb.

Levi, on the other hand, was a little too young and short to be helpful.  We did find some branches just right for him to pick from though.  Come to find out, Levi insisted on eating one bite from before tossing it into his bucket.  It made me laugh! (And drove me a little crazy too.)

 ^^Our combination of Gala and Golden Delicious.  Mmmm!^^

We all three had sooo much fun!  We even drove halfway home with the windows down to get the flies out of the car.  Both Jed and Levi loved that!  We really had such a marvelous morning that the little boys are still talking about it.  And that's exactly what I like to hear.

Now on to dehydrating the apples and apple pies to the ceiling!  Yum.    

P.S.  Anyone know why blogger makes some (not all) of my pictures look more orange than they really are?  Grrr...


  1. What lovely photos! I love apple picking and berry picking! (Although two years in a row I've missed raspberry picking by just a few days. Next year...I swear I won't miss it!)

    P.S. Dehydrated apples take me back to my childhood! Oh man, so good!

  2. I look forward to visiting the orchard every year, and these pictures just made me that much more excited for our trip next week!

  3. Looks so fun! You are so good at getting out of the house and exploring with you boys. As for Blogger... I don't know. I've had picture color problems too. I've given in and try to ignore it. Even with that, your pictures look fantastic to me, color and all.

  4. Gorgeous photos... as always!! What a FUN weekend! I love that the boys are at this fun age where you can explore and take them on adventures :)
    LOVE the apple picking! I've never done that before but I'm dying to go! Plus, 25 cents a pound? Hello! That's amazing!


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