Two Years, Two Kids, and a Little Dose of Reality

It was two years ago this week that we closed on our home.  Two years!  Where has the time gone?  When we moved in, Jed was just a few months older than Levi is now.  Again, where has the time gone? 

We love this home.  I love that it's all one level and that tile is so easy to clean.  I love our neighbors; they're genuinely good people and many have become our friends.  We live out in the country where it's quiet and safe and the views are absolutely beautiful.  This is where I'm raising my family and making memories that will last our entire lives.  It's kind of a special place.

Two years ago Bron also started his career as a dairy nutritionist.  He enjoys his job 80% of the time, I think.  His job pays well and comes with lots of perks, like a vehicle because he is on the road so much.  He drives a white 2013 GMC pickup.  It already has over 122,000 miles on it.  The folks at the shop dropped their jaws earlier this year when they had to special order break pads.  "Do you live in your car?" they asked.  Well, almost!

Bron works so hard.  He works long hours and even when he is home he is often on the computer after the boys are in bed pounding out new rations for dairymen. I am so proud of him.  I am grateful for his job and what it provides for our family.  I mean, I'm a lucky girl.  I get to be a stay at home mama and that means the world to me.

The part I can't quite ever seem to get used to, however, is Bron routinely being gone one night a week, sometimes two.  Remember this post?  After all this time, you'd think I'd make some significant improvements.  The truth is, not really.  I still stay up waaay too late (those lonely nights have become my hobby nights) and I have a hard time sleeping soundly without Bron's big warm body next to mine.  I love him, you know.

For the most part I do really well keeping a simple routine, entertaining the boys, and maintaining a happy attitude while he's away.  I've even developed a habit of driving into town just for some Café Rio every week too.  Hey, the kids eat free and I spend $6 on a meal (my favorite is the pork tostada) that has more nutrients than a burger and fries or pizza... because get real, what woman wants to cook for just herself?

Anyway, this is when the going gets tough.  Bron was gone last night and now it's late Wednesday afternoon.  Bron won't be home till well after the boys are in bed tonight.  That means I have several hours to kill.  The weather is too cruddy to play outside, I shouldn't spend any money, and my energy is running low.  I'm just not sure what to do!  These are the tough hours--the boring loooong hours.

This is why by the time the weekend rolls around I am chomping at the bit for a date night, or a least a few hours alone without my two sweet ankle biters in tow.  And I feel a little selfish because Bron deserves some time to relax and rejuvenate too; that's why he loves going mountain bike riding and skiing.  Somehow though, we manage to get our needs met and squeeze in a little quality family time as well each weekend.  It's quite a balancing act!

So this is our life, our reality.  There's really no point to this post.  I just wanted to write it all down.  But rest assured it's a happy life, a very blessed life, and we're grateful.

^^Yesterday Jed had a playdate with our neighbor, Wyatt.  They had so much fun playing in the big pile of leaves we raked up.  Then the two friends moved onto playing in the sand box and running around the yard like wild banshees.  Energy like that is wasted on the young, I tell ya.  They played so well I was able to tackle some yard work.  A win-win for everyone!^^


  1. It is so hard! I don't know how single parents do it. There are definitely nights when I am counting down the minutes until Kev gets home. Good luck filling those long hours!

  2. Once again, I wish we lived close!! I have lots of alone time thanks to Eric's long hours at work! But thank heavens for our hard working men!! I think it sounds like you've mastered the balancing act, even if you don't feel like it!
    I always stay up way too late when Eric is gone (or working really late). Thank goodness for netflix. It helps pass the hours when Mia goes to sleep :) And weekly Cafe Rio is the BEST idea!

  3. I am in a similar situation with you as your dad is gone one night a week too. When we first got married, I found it unbearable, but I've really come to enjoy the space. The weekends I don't have the kids and your dad is down in San Diego is when I selfishly do everything i want to do. I go to the Thrift Store, becuase I'm trying to conserve money or I'll spend hours in the gym. I can handle one night apart, but when it becomes two, it becomes too difficult. I think you do an amazing job. YOu have your photography passion, and the boys are just as happy as can be. I love the decorations for Halloween too. YOu are just a very well rounded talented young woman.

  4. Thank you so much for this really honest and authentic post!! I have had to get used to my husband being away from home too, which I agree, makes the weekends so much more special. Winter is fun, but it's also tough as there's so many more hours of darkness and having to be indoors. Keep on doing what brings you comfort during these days...even if it's a trip to Cafe Rio. I try to do a board game night with Lewie on the days that Daddy isn't home... Other nights we make ice cream sundaes... Little treats here and there go a long way. HUGS to you!


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