Best Friends

We spent Saturday afternoon in the South Hills romping through the woods and roasting marshmallows over an open fire.  When we arrived home, Levi was zonked out but Jed wasn't quite ready for bed just yet.  So I put an arm around him and we cuddled up on the recliner to watch Monster's Inc. together with a blanket across our laps.

As I tucked Jed into bed that night I asked him, "What was your favorite part of today?"

He responded, "I watch Monsters with you, Mom.  You, Mom, my best friend."

Oh, my!  If those aren't the sweetest words ever uttered from a child, my child.  I think tears sprang to my eyes as my heart exploded into a million pieces and then melted into a puddle on the floor right then and there. 

Sweet words like those are like manna to my soul.  It's moments like those that make my job as a mother feel so worthwhile.  My family is my everything and to know that my little boy considers me his best friend, well, I must be doing something right.  If not, Jed sure knows how to get me wrapped around his little finger in a hurry!

Bud, I love you so very much!  I know that you'll gradually grow up and someday you'll feel a little differently towards me (especially when I enforce our family's rules and expectations), but I cherish every single moment with you--now and forever more.  You'll always be my little boy and I hope we can always be friends. 

All my heart,

Then Saturday  proceeded to be the worst night I've had in probably a year.  And both boys weren't even sick!  I was up four--or was it five--times between 11:00PM and 4:00AM.  Ugh.  That's getting out of bed once every hour.  Oh, why does motherhood have to be so bipolar? 


  1. That is so sweet. Your boys are lucky to have a great mama. I love those pictures

  2. That is so sweet. Your boys are lucky to have a great mama. I love those pictures

  3. Oh melllllllt my heart! I can't wait to hear those words come out of Mia's mouth!
    I'm sorry the night was rough though :(

  4. alright, these are just beyond precious.


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