My Three Year Old

Let me tell you, Jed version 3.0 (well, almost 3.5) is a lot better than Jed 2.0. I am absolutely head over heels in love with my three year old! This little boy has grown and blossomed over the last few months in ways that make my mommy heart so incredibly proud. He is finally talking in a way that we understand three quarters of what comes out of his mouth. He is completely potty trained (though he does love to spray my toilet and floors quite often). And best of all, wait for it…. I can reason with him! This brand new reasoning development has made a huge world of difference in both our lives. There are much fewer tantrums and meltdowns. He’s even learned how to turn off his whiny voice, sometimes. Wow! Wow! Wow! I want to give myself a high five for mastering more patience with my little boys, but I think 80% of my more even temperament is a direct result of how “easy” spending all day with Jed has become.

Lately Jed has become a little preoccupied with who is a boy and who is a girl. “I a boy. Levi a boy. Dad a boy. But mommy a gurrl.” We had an impromptu bath time anatomy lesson one night when I just decided to be blunt about it because, son, belly buttons do not make you a boy.

On top of all this “boy” business, Jed likes to exclaim, “I a man!” And he certainly is a man—or a man in training at least—when it comes to the latrine. Whenever Jed has to poop, he places his comfy blue toilet seat on the toilet and grabs one of the two books I leave in the bathroom for him. He reads and reads and then calls me into the bathroom to retrieve the other book for him. “Go away, Mom,” he then says with his palm out in a stop position. (Gee, why doesn’t that work for me? Someday, I suppose I’ll regain some childless dignity on the porcelain throne.) Jed often sits on the pooper alone and reads for a good 10-15 minutes. It’s hilarious and curiously charming.

Oh yes! How can I forget? Every time we drive down a hill, we must put our hands up in the air like we’re on a roller coaster. It’s too funny and I laugh every time.

Jed is an absolute sweetheart. He’s a sensitive kid with a big heart—though don’t confuse that with weakness as he has an aggressive rough and tumble nature on the playground. Bumped his head? Bleeding? Rub it. Get back to playing.  Anyway, I look forward to his big bear hugs each evening before bed.

He’s such a good kid too. My heart nearly explodes with happiness when I spy him being kind to his little brother. Often times, Jed tries to pass something to Levi between their two car seats but he just can’t quite reach; he’s straining, his fingers are outstretched. When he does manage to pass the toy successfully he exclaims, “I did it! I made Levi happy!” And Jed just glows from the inside out. Boy, I can’t get enough of him!

I love you, Jed! I love you! I love you! I am wrapped around your little pinky finger as only a mother can. I am so glad to have you as a part of our family.


  1. What a little sweetheart! Such an adorable kid. :)

  2. What a little sweetheart! Such an adorable kid. :)

  3. Gosh, how perfect is this! Such beautiful photos and such a handsome little dude!! I love this!

  4. Love the pictures! What a handsome little man you have!

  5. Cute kid. I agree, 3 is so much better than 2.

  6. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Such great pics of your handsome guy! And I must admit - this is giving me hope for year 3 with my boy - year 2 is so dang frustrating sometimes! I can so relate to everything you said about being able to reason with them and how your mood is dictated by theirs. Hah, two year old boys! So thanks ;).


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