Scenes from a Fantastic Family Filled Weekend

We enjoyed a fabulous weekend filled to the brim with fun, food, and family.  It was just the kind of change from our normal that I needed to recharge.
Our weekend started with a three hour drive in the car on Friday afternoon that looked something like this: I drove, Jed slept, and Bron had his laptop open for a conference call while I desperately handed back books, toys, and snacks to Levi in an effort to keep him content and quiet.  But it worked!  We pulled into Ririe just in time to see Bron's little brother, Call, play in his football game.  Call even scored a touchdown!  Though it did feel quite cold in the shade of the stands, I couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous Fall afternoon!
^^"Shooting" Dad with our finger guns.  It's funny to hear those sounds coming from someone so little!^^
^^Though it's not really pictured here, Jed adores his Grandma Nelson^^
 ^^Views on the Nelson Dairy Saturday afternoon^^
^^Cousins Jed and Leah sure have something special!^^
Saturday afternoon we women left our children with our husbands and went to a baby shower for a cousin.  It was so fun to actually see a brand new baby at the shower (why don't we do that more often?) and catch up with all the girls.  Then that night we hired babysitters and went out to dinner with three of Bron's brothers and their wives.  In other words, I spent an entire day void of my motherly duties and it felt so refreshing!

Sunday the ENTIRE family (50+ people) gathered in church for Kayzlee's baby blessing and to hear Lad's homecoming talk.  Then we moved the party to a garage filled with rows of tables and chairs for lunch: soup, bread, and cookies.  It was noisy and chaotic, but as always, lots of fun.  (Except for the part where Jed got a bloody nose.)  The Nelson family sure knows how to gab the afternoon away!

^^Aunt Crystal with her newest grandchild^^
^^This had to be documented: all the adults gathering around to chat like they've done every get-together for years.^^
^^Rylee and her cute boyfriend (whom we all approve of) and super baby, Cooper^^
^^These two.  There aren't words.  They're just the best of brothers.^^

I feel so blessed to have married into this incredibly tight family.  No, things aren't perfect, but we love getting together.  It really is a special thing!  And then, after the chaos and noise subsides, I am all the more grateful for my own sweet little family of four whom I get to tuck into bed and kiss goodnight.

Thanks for a fantastically fun weekend, folks!  Till next time...


  1. Looks like a great weekend!
    I would love to feature you on my blog for I Am a Mormon Monday.
    Email me if you are interested and for more details!
    Spots are filling up really fast! I am booked out already through January 2014. Email me asap if you want me to add you to the list :)

  2. Oh my these BOYS!! Seriously I want to eat them up!! And I want my daughter to marry one of them ;) That is all.


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