The Dentist, the Corn Maze, and a 5K

The last weekend of October sure delivered!  We enjoyed gorgeous warm weather and a plethora of things to do.  It was fantastic and made even better by having Bron with us too.  (He was gone two nights last week.  It always takes a toll on me when he's gone so much.)  So let's relive the best parts!

Note: Surprisingly, all photos were taken by phone.  While they don't do the corn maze justice, it was really nice not to lug my heavy dSLR around.  Sometimes a little mindless clicking on the go is just what a good memory orders.

Our weekend fun began Friday morning with Jed's very first trip to the dentist.  He looked a little apprehensive about the idea until our friend Shelley--who also happens to be a dental hygienist--introduced herself as Carson's mom and Jed perked right up.  He happily crawled into the big red chair for her, donned some sunglasses, and had himself a surprisingly smooth first time experience.  I was so relieved!  I thought for sure he'd scream and throw a fit.  Shelley did an awesome job with him.  Better yet, Jed had no cavities and got to bring home a bag full of goodies.  I'm guessing he can't wait for his next visit.

^^I'm so proud of my little stud.^^

Friday evening called for a trip to the corn maze.  Only families with young children go in the daylight, but hey, that's exactly what we are.  Jed was on cloud nine!  We let him lead the way.  Jed chose every turn, even when he unknowingly backtracked us to the entrance.  And he ran the entire time.  Bron turned on the GPS on his phone just to record his distance.  At about the mile mark, Jed decided he was pooped.  So he rode on Bron's shoulders for a few minutes until we heard some familiar voices behind us.  The friends that we planned to meet there had arrived!  "My friends!  My friends!" Jed excitedly called.  And that was that. Jed was a speed demon on the go again.  We're guessing he ran at least two miles through the corn that night.

The corn maze was so. much. fun!  I love making sweet family memories like these.

 ^^Some of Jed's friends:
Lorren, Jed, Kendra, Carson, Brylee^^
^^The view I had of Jed all evening: his backside... running!^^

Saturday morning we got ourselves to the College of Southern Idaho for their Pumpkin Race!  Our friend, Amy, just had a baby a little over two months ago.  She's determined to get back into shape, so she signed our other friend Amy and myself up for this little 5K race.  Costumes were encouraged, so of course I had to dig my 'ol go-to Sally out of the box.  When Jed saw me all dressed up (and looking like a Crazy), he insisted on wearing his pirate costume too.  Sure!  Why not, right?  Like mother like son. 

Jed was sooo disappointed that he didn't get to run, so I held his hand and we ran a good hundred yards together in the middle of the race and then again across the finish line.  He was so proud!  Next time, I am definitely signing him up for the kids' race. 

After running a half marathon this summer, this little 5K didn't feel like anything more than a warm up, but we are so impressed and proud of Amy.  She rocked it!  We finished the morning with chili and cornbread and a free pumpkin.

A Fall weekend doesn't get any better than that!


  1. aw i love the pictures from the corn maze, so sweet!! and glad he did so well at the dentist... thats a day i will dread with my boy- since i hate the dentist myself, i will have to put on a brave face ;)

  2. How fun! I love the pictures from the corn maze too. I'm so proud of Jed for his first dentist appointment. I wish our first one for Lewie went as well. He was so scared, and to top it off, he had several cavities...In fact, last May, he had to go to the Connecticut Children's Hospital to be put under, so they could drill. It was terrible!! I'm so glad Jed had a perfect dental report!

  3. PERFECT fall weekend, for sure! And the corn maze sounds like the BEST way to exhaust our children ;)
    This reminds me that I'm dying to run another race! I need a reason to keep running through these awful winter months!
    LOVE the pictures! You are the prettiest momma :)


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