Snapshots of Life Lately

And now, for yet another installment of my personal favorite series: a peek at what everyday life looks like here in the Nelson home.
 ^^I don't know why, but Levi loves standing on the hearth and playing in the window^^
 ^^Neighborhood dump truck racing!^^
 ^^My Goofball^^
^^Hiking Ross Falls^^
 ^^Falling asleep at the table, again, and leaf pile jumping.^^
 ^^I got my craft on at a Relief Society activity one night.  Levi polishing a piece on the piano before bedtime.^^
 ^^The views on my bike ride one evening.  It was so quiet and beautiful, I couldn't help feel blessed. Also, my favorite little helper.  He was such a responsible shopper with that mini cart!^^
 ^^Just a few more images from our trip to the pumpkin patch^^
^^How we roll around here^^
 ^^Yeah, he's totally slurping his food!  It makes me chuckle every time.^^

On top of Bron not traveling (we all love having him home more!), we've enjoyed a gloriously sunny week which has seen us playing outside every afternoon.  October has been good to us.

{Best wishes for a great weekend!}


  1. Love, love, LOVE! I wish we could hangout and have play dates!
    Mia has never fallen asleep while eating food. I think that's SO cute! Can't wait for Mia to do it someday :)
    So with Bron not traveling... does that mean you won't be coming to southern Utah anytime soon? :(

  2. they are SO cute! the sleeping while eating picture - adorable!!

  3. Oh gosh. Could your kids be any more perfect? And yes! This is the first time I'm seeing your blog too! What is wrong with me? So glad to have made a new friend! :)

  4. Sleeping at the table! THE BEST hahaha ;) Such cute boys!

  5. Aww you live a good life!! :) Levi looks so grown up with his haircut!

  6. These pictures are so precious Jessie! That one of him sleeping!? Look at those eyelashes!!! And his overalls kill me! You are such a beautiful mamma!

  7. Okay those pictures of Levi looking through the window is the cutest thing EVER! How did you do that? Love how you found beauty in the mundane.


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