Because I am Hopelessly Drawn to the Outdoors

There are some moments during my day as a stay-at-home mom when I want to pull my hair out:  like when the boys are wrestling (read: Jed repeatedly knocking Levi down, sitting on top of one another, pulling hair, biting, etc.), screaming, throwing toys, and spitting.  I'm too busy playing referee to get anything done.  Can't we just act like human beings instead of animals for an hour?  Pleeease?!? 

I know there are readers out there who are chuckling right now and thinking, "It gets worse!"  I know.

But I digress because...

There are also moments when I have to pinch myself to make sure that what I'm seeing and feeling is really my life: like our afternoon at the park yesterday.  The sun was warm and shining, there were orange leaves scattered all over the grass, and I played and chased and laughed and hugged my two little boys.  It was perfect.

Other Recent Happenings:
(Some of these only grandparents will appreciate)
:: Bron and I have redoubled our exercise and diet efforts.  I let things slack after conquering my half marathon because I was feeling a little burnt out, but it's time to hop back on that exercise wagon.  Speaking of my postpartum body image, it's never been so hard to get back into the shape I want!  In the past a little exercise and conscious effort have been enough.  I must be getting old!
:: I've begun teaching two little neighbor sisters violin lessons each week.  In return, their mom babysits my boys for two hours on Wednesday mornings.  It's better than getting paid!  I get to shower uninterrupted.  Sometimes I go for a run without a stroller.  One time I went bra shopping.  (Hallelujah!)  But the plan is to ultimately tackle all those paint touch-ups that have been on my to-do list for nearly two years.

:: I am now the new Achievement Days (girls ages 8-11 mid-week activity) leader at church.  I sure hope I learn to love this calling because so far I'm just annoyed.  But Jed seems to love it.  He tags right along with the girls and participates with all the enthusiasm he can muster. 
:: Jed wanted to help me gather the last of the ripe tomatoes from their vines in the garden one very cold and blustery afternoon.  I had a metal bowl in one hand and a plastic sack in the other.  As soon as we stepped outside Jed exclaimed, "My hat!  My hat!".  Instead of reaching for his hood, Jed grabbed the bowl and stuck it on top his head.  I laughed so hard.  I guess that works!
:: Levi has started waving and saying "bye".  It's the cutest thing.  And whenever I put food on his tray and tell him it's hot, he starts blowing on it.  He is darling.
:: One morning at breakfast we were reading a few verses from Matthew in the New Testament when I read about Jesus healing the lepers.  "Leopard?"  Jed asked.  "RAWR!"  "Not leopard.  Leperr.  A leper is a very sick person," I explained.  "No Mom.  Leopard.  RAWR!"  I got a good chuckle out of that one.
:: Levi has taken a particular interest in our piano.  He climbs up onto the bench several times a day and starts pounding away on the keys.  The kid has rhythm!  I hope he takes after his mama and develops some musical talent. 

:: During the last two weeks if we haven't been eating or napping or tackling some chore, we have been playing outside.  The weather has been miraculous.  Fall has really pulled out all the stops to impress this year.


  1. WOW - you are an incredibly beautiful and talented photographer!!

  2. I love the leopard. HA! Aren't small children wonderful?

  3. Oh that park day looks PERFECT! I have been having so much fun playing outside with Mia that I'm totally dreading the winter. What the heck am I going to do being cooped up for MONTHS with a mobile baby? Uuuuugh. We just might go to the indoor pool a lot? Ha!
    Not gonna lie... I'm kind of nervous to stop nursing only because I'll be losing the calorie burn! I think that's the reason I've lost MORE than just the baby weight. I mean, yeah, I exercise and I try to exercise hard. But no harder than I did before getting pregnant! And I'm skinnier now that before we got married! It HAS to be the nursing!
    I can't wait to buy a home someday. When we do my parents will give me the piano and it will be so sweet (or probably annoying) to have Mia bang on it! And I just can't wait to get into playing it myself.

  4. Oh the joys of having boys!! I am very excited/nervous for this day. The good far outweighs the moments you want to rip your hair out though!

  5. Gorgeous! The end! (And trust me, I feel the same way) but at the end of the day we are so lucky!! I love it!!

  6. the pictures of them playing together are so precious! i am hoping for another boy next because i love the bond between brothers!

    ps. just added you on IG, so i can see more of these sweet pictures!

  7. Your park is so beautiful... I am hopelessly drawn to the outdoors too. Fall has been beautiful this year--I don't want it to end! Congrats to you and Bron on your exercise regimen...keep up the awesome work! Oh, and the antics of your two little guys. They are just the cutest!


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