Let's Catch Up!

 ^^A new classic favorite: Levi fell asleep at the kitchen table.^^

Some folks have mentioned that I've been curiously MIA from this little blog lately.  Honestly, nothing out of the ordinary has been going on; just the normal ups and downs of this sweet lucky life I live alongside three handsome {and crazy} boys.  But if you were to come over for lunch, I might mention a few of the following things:

:: We spent all of Saturday afternoon cleaning and organizing the garage.  Who knew giving the rakes and shovels a home along the wall would feel so good?

:: We enjoyed listening to General Conference, or what I heard of it anyway.  It sure is hard to hear when all my little boys want to do is wrestle!  But the parts I did hear were uplifting and seemed to be meant just for me.  I can't wait to read them over the next few months.

:: I bought the boys a handful of new winter clothes.  (Three pairs of pants and two shirts for $26.  Not bad, huh?)  Who said boys' clothes aren't cute?  The styles now are really fun! Unfortunately, it took Jed less than 24 hours to put a hole in the knee of his brand new pants!  Whaa?!?  Crazy boy.  I suppose I'll just sew on a patch or else Jed has an extra pair of shorts for summer.

:: On a more serious note, last week I read multiple articles pertaining to a feminist movement within the LDS church.  Frankly, the articles frustrated me and thoughts about them kept me awake at night!  Was I not being forward thinking enough?  I absolutely think it's okay to question.  It's exactly the catalyst for many of the rights and liberties I enjoy today.  But their arguments just didn't sit right with me; they smacked of bitterness and anger to say the least.  I felt like the very things I feel so passionately about were being attacked.  Finally, I came to the same conclusion that I have come to many times before: it's silly to let little things get in the way of the big picture.  The church itself may be imperfect, but the gospel is perfect.  I am grateful my elder brother Jesus Christ atoned for my sins and made a way that my family can be together forever.  Never before in my life have I felt as content as I do now.  I am happy and confident in my beliefs and I think that's all that really matters.

:: With the change of seasons comes nasty colds.  If there's one thing I can't stand, it's not being able to breathe through my nose.  Ugh.

:: Spudnuts!  We had friends over Sunday evening for a donut party.  I'm not exaggerating a pinch when I say that Bron's spudnuts (donuts made with mashed potatoes) can rival any professional bakery's donuts.  I ate five, I think.  They were sooo delicious!  And delicious food tastes even better when eaten with good friends, don't you think?

:: I am feeling stoked and very spoiled.  I've been saving my money, but Bron broke down and bought me a brand new computer!  It's shiny and fast and has a 23" screen.  (Oh, the better to see that blemish, my dear!)  It's going to be a photographer's dream... well, as soon as I wrap my head around Lightroom.  My entire photo editing process is in upheaval right now.  However, in a few weeks I think I'll be glad I upgraded.

Happy Fall! 
What have you been up to?

^^Jed put a hole in the knee of his new pants when he fell on the road. He loves pushing this dump truck around the neighborhood.  And I think I'll continue to let him.  It makes him happy.^^


  1. your photos are always to die for cute!

  2. Oh I remember the holy pants days I pulled out Gavin's old 3T clothes for Mason and guess what? All the pants had holes in the knees! Gavin is 6 1/2 and still occasionally comes home with holy pants.

  3. I am so proud of your ability to see through the smoke and realize what the true value of life is. I am lucky to have you in my life. Love you tons.

  4. Oh the garage can feel liberating...just as much as buying new clothes for the season...I love the fall, but it's definitely a time of transition; it can be quite tiresome getting ready for winter.

    I feel like we both, very much, have the same strong spirituality... Good for you for listening to your own heart and knowing what's right.

  5. I found your blog on Today Is My Favorite. Can't wait to read some more, but I had to comment on this one- that photo of your little sleeping at the dinner table is so good! What a sweetie! His little reflection in the tabletop is so precious. :)


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