A Low-Key September Weekend Highlights

The weekend was just the kind we needed.  We were able to relax and recharge.  These are a few of the best low-key things we did this weekend:

:: Dinner at the Raiger's home Friday night.  We ate the best taco soup and homemade cornbread I have ever tasted!

:: Naps for everyone both Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  I could get used to that!

:: Holding Jed under one arm and reading him stories for nearly an hour

:: Bron went shooting with friends Saturday afternoon.  Then I had a girls' night out.  After the church Relief Society Broadcast, three girlfriends and I went out for some frozen yogurt.  We left at 8:30 and didn't arrive back home till 11:00.  What can I say?  Great girls and fun conversation!

:: An exciting Sunday afternoon game of Hide and Seek.  Jed totally gave himself away with squeals of, "In here!  In here!"

:: Apples + Carmel = The most delicious Fall time dessert meal  (I'm kidding, just a little.)

:: Having Bron home all weekend long!  We sure miss Bron while he works long hours during the week, so having him at home all to ourselves for two days straight is a special treat.    

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