Family Pictures

I have been waiting for these pictures and now that I have them, I am swooning!  Perhaps all four of our faces will show up on our Christmas card this year?  Since Levi was born I have been wanting a decent picture of the four of us together, but it just isn't that easy to do.  First, all family members must be clean, dressed, and happy.  Second, where do I find someone that knows how to use a fancy camera?

Enter the Smith Family Reunion and my extremely talented cousin, Rachel.  Rachel has been my teacher and muse since I first bought my dSLR almost four years ago.  She grabbed her awesome 135mm lens (That has now been added to my wish list.  Yeah, right!) and was kind enough to take the time to get some incredible shots.  Thank you so much, Rachel!  It means the world to me to have all four members of my family in one beautiful picture.       

^^The ever elusive practically perfect family photo.  Everybody looks good!  Wowsers, this makes me giddy!^^
^^I'm in love with this picture too.^^
^^Thy flying child.  Just look at that hair!^^
^^Levi worships his dad.  Whenever Bron is in sight Levi repeats, "Dad-dy!  Dad-dy!" until Bron picks him up.  Cutest little relationship ever.^^
^^Momma's boy?  Sure!  Jed's hugs and kisses are the sweetest.
He has me wrapped around his pinky finger, but I don't mind a bit.^^
^^This shot is just special.^^
^^My little boys and me!
Very true to life; I'm a happy human jungle gym.^^

I may be biased, but I think I live with three of the most handsome boys around!  Words can't express how my heart just overflows with love for this little family of mine.


  1. I'm tearing up looking at these!! Such a gorgeous family and your boys are precious!! ;)

  2. Gorgeous pictures and a gorgeous family!

  3. It is true because it is dificial look to us we got it the counted the times we've taken pictures all four together. By the way are you gorgeous. Kisses and Happy Mondays.

  4. Those pictures turned out so good! I love the momma's boy pictures too :)

  5. What gorgeous family pictures. They sure are a treasure!


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